Modified figure after giving birth.

Pregnancy - a happy period in the life of every woman.However, long 9 months of gestation leave an imprint on the female figure.Many women are very fattening, and after giving birth, trying to recover as quickly as possible.But it turns out it's not all.Why is that?In general, is it possible to restore the old form after birth?

One can not say that the figure after childbirth, if spoiled or something has changed, it will always remain so, and nothing will be impossible to do.Is impossible, it would be the desire to quickly recover and return to the previous form.

Before talking about how to keep the figure after giving birth, is to begin to point out some factors that affect the entire subsequent process of recovery.Specifically, what kind of life she led before delivery, they were, what condition it is only after the baby is born, how old she was and what the account she experienced childbirth.

In fact, these five questions - the most important, to help design all future work on the restoration of the figure.Consider them more specific and see what the essence of each.

Let's start with age.In women under 30 years the figure after childbirth recovering much faster than those who crossed the specified age limit.And it's not just about volumes.Pregnancy stretches the skin naturally.No creams, lotions and balms will not protect a woman from stretch marks and sagging skin followed.However, the 30-year-old women's skin is regenerated faster and more efficiently.It is also difficult to recover after repeated childbirth.

next point, which affects the recovery of shape after giving birth, is the degree natrenirovannosti women before delivery, then how the current pregnancy, in what way it was resolved.If a woman carrying a child to exercise regularly and try to maintain shape during the period of 40 weeks of waiting the child as far as possible not neglected moderate exercise, even after the birth of her figure quickly return to normal.Another thing, if the pregnancy was difficult, the woman was denied an active lifestyle and established a permanent vacation.To aggravate the situation, when all 40 weeks gestation mother only "stuffed" themselves with food and stretch your own stomach.

And finally, the figure after childbirth depends on the manner in which women were allowed.When she gave birth in a natural way and without serious injury and complications of the birth canal, it can begin to recover mom a couple of months.If, however, she suffered a generic operations sutures, both on the internal organs and external (especially caesarean), the figure could go no earlier than six months only with the approval of a qualified specialist and after a full examination.

With major aspects affecting the recovery of shape after giving birth, understood.But many moms worried about another question: how is a way to return to the previous figure, and volumes?And the answer is simple: Only with the help of sports.No diet or specially selected food (although not without it) does not help is better than exercise and daily physical activity.

What to do?

Firstly, you should train yourself to start the day with a morning workout or a 5-minute charging.In fact, exercise in the morning will not only wake up but to get to work all body systems.

Secondly, make a rule not to use the elevator and daily hiking several kilometers.It will help restore the shape and swimming.

Third, enroll in aerobics classes or, at the very least, buy a CD with recordings of fitness training.Rock press, stretch the muscles to train the body and make physical activity - the main task.

Fourth, in addition to aerobics, do not be amiss to buy any treadmill for home use.If finances allow, it is ideal to buy a treadmill, exercise bike, or in general - a complex exercise all muscles.A more economical option, but bringing no less than pleasant result - it hulahup.Regular practice of this hoop - and the figure after childbirth to recover for several months: the waist and hips will reduce belly tightened, become elastic.Will and a rotating disk with a dumbbell, which pulled muscles in the arms, chest, neck, getting rid of fat deposits in the legs, thighs, calves.

Finally, restore the figure after giving birth is only possible with regular workouts.Stop, indulgence and self-pity will not allow to achieve the desired shape.Of course, you have to choose: either harmony and health, or temporary pleasure and laziness!