How to install "Adobe Flash Player".

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question of how to install "Adobe Flash Player", are increasingly being discussed, because the modern Internet can no longer do without this solution, it is a fact.Games, music, videos and other content supports this technology.

few words about technology

Next, we consider in detail how to install "Adobe Flash Player" on any computer running the operating system Windows, but first a little theory.This technology has some significant shortcomings, and many experts expect its closure and replacement by a more comfortable HTML5.

note that some of the movie "Yutuba" does not require the player is now set, as it works with the use of technology HTML5.However, Flash is popular with all its over-demanding.

When should I install "Adobe Flash Player"?

Probably, if you are interested in this publication, already know what needs player.But still try to bring some clarity.Most often, a browser or some sites tell the user what to work properly you need to install the plugin "Adobe Flash Player" (in the case of the browser).

For example, a social network "VKontakte" explicitly states this: "In order to use the audio service, you must install the Flash-Player".A video hosting "YouTube" report: "In order to play the video requires" Adobe Flash ". At other sites where these messages are not displayed, just the individual elements may not work.

If the site you need to specify addition, the top of the page you are in the majorityof cases will see an offer to install the latest "Adobe Flash Player". If there are problems with previously established player, first it must be properly remove.

Submit your browser anew!

Please update your browser to the latest version, so there is no conflict in the future. Now we will see how this done with the most popular browsers.

begin with "Opera". This browser during each run is automatically checked for updates and offers to install them. It should be noted that the new version in a given browser appear quite often.To manually check if the update is not passed by you, you must go to "Menu", then open the "Help" and "Check for updates".

If a new version is available, install it.If not, do not need to do anything.The installed version can be found in the "Menu", "Help" section, sub-section "About".

"Google Chrome".This browser is actually updated automatically.In order to verify this fact, you need to go to "Menu" in "About browser".If you want to upgrade your browser on this report.

"Internet Explorer".This browser is updated automatically.You need to check for the corresponding checkboxes in the "Menu", "Help" section, sub-section "About".

"Mozilla FireFox".In this case, you must go to "Menu", then go to the "Help" and select "On FireFox".Browser check for new versions and, if available, will propose to apply them, apply.An important point: if your browser contains additional modules that are compatible with the latest version, you will be notified.

Congratulations!Browsers updated!If you have something went wrong, do not worry, in any case, proceed to install the player.

proceed with the installation of the player

Then you will see that set free "Adobe Flash Player" is very simple, and we will show you how to do it.Go to the main.In this step, all intuitive.Go to the official website, where you will be prompted to install "Adobe Flash Player 12" or newer.Download the installer, run it.Then we discuss the nuances.

Check whether the language has been identified and the operating system is deployed on your computer.If incorrect, click on the corresponding item and select your option.Note that there are two installation options: directly to the browser "Internet Explorer", as well as for all other browsers.

How to install "Adobe Flash Player": what are the nuances

to install the correct version, you need to go to the site is from the browser for which you would like the player.If the selected version is different from the "Internet Explorer", a plug-established in all the browsers on your computer: "FireFox", "Opera", "Chrome" and others.As for the version for "IE", it is compatible only with this browser.

should also be noted that in the "Chrome" already have "Flash Player", but it is not updated as often as it does the official version of the product.From time to time conflicts with the built-in plug-in that was installed manually.

to install "Flash Player", remove the tick, which is responsible for the installation of additional programs and add-ins, and click "Upload."This opens a window to save the installer.Save it, run and follow the wizard.Note that at this stage should be close running browsers.

If you are having trouble installing, check whether to save working processes running browsers or restart the computer, and then re-run the installer.When asked about the method of future update of the player, be sure to choose the first option and allow the "Adobe" in the future, install the update.

Then click "Next".In the last step, click "Finish".That's all.The installation process is completed.You can open a browser to verify that everything works well.

Check the correct installation of the player

If you have any doubt about the proper operation of your player, you can easily check.If your site has a banner, which include moving parts, so all went well, and if in their place there are gray squares, "Flash" for some reason it is not working.

Activation browsers

If necessary, you can check the activity of the plug-in browsers.Make it easy.If you have a browser «Opera», enter in your browser: «opera: plugins», look for the list of «Shockwave Flash».Please note that this addition should be included.

If you use «Mozilla FireFox», go to "Menu", then "Extras", then click the "ins" and locate the item «Shockwave Flash».If the addition is off, turn it.

to «Internet Explorer» instruction is as follows: go to "Menu" go to "Internet Options", open the "Programs", then "Manage Add-ons" and finally, "the Toolbar extension."In the list that appears, find the «Shockwave Flash».

now discuss «Google Chrome».Type in the address bar: «chrome: // plugins», look at the section called «Flash Player».

Fix crash "Shockwave Flash" in the "Google Chrome"

No problem can not be, if only use "Google Chrome".But many people use multiple browsers simultaneously for different purposes."Google Chrome" attractive built-in flash-player.However, other browsers such decisions are not, and you have to install the player separately.It turns out "mess.""Chrome" connects during run all plug-ins: its all installed on the computer that will find.That's when an error occurs.To solve the problem, turn off the extra modules "Flash", leaving only one.To this end, go to the settings plug-ins.You can do this by using the menu or by simply inserting into your browser inscription: "chrome: // plugins".In order to get to the destination menu, go to "Settings", then "Advanced Settings", then "Content Settings" and "Disable modules."


Now try to answer briefly, how to install "Adobe Flash Player" on your computer.In the simplest form of installation can be reduced to such actions: the fast automatic transition to the official website of the "Adobe", download the program and run the appropriate installer.