How to add a footnote in Word 2010?

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is safe to say that among the professional users of the computer program Microsoft Word is probably the first among others.Of course, we are not talking about the designers and developers, but for everyone else this statement can be accepted as truth.

this powerful text editor used to work, the educational process, scientific writing, and even blogging.Fortunately or for worse (it all depends entirely on their own beliefs), Word 2010 in recent years has undergone a number of very significant metamorphosis.

Microsoft Office 2010 is very different even from his previous versions of MS Office 2007 and because many novice users may have problems with the creation of footnotes in the body of the text.And this operation is widely demanded in writing all sorts of scientific papers, so it is worth looking at in more detail.

What are the footnotes?

As mentioned above, when working in Word 2010 may often be necessary in the alignment reference.Thanks to them, the document can be made somewhat more orderly, bring it in a more formal look and place using footnotes your comments to the text and links to use in your work materials.

There endnotes for which information is located at the end of the document, footnotes and the standard by which the desired information is located at the bottom of the page.Keep in mind that the location of the footnotes at the end of the document, even if it is more convenient for the originator of the readers work can lead to a state of constant irritation, as always climb to the end of the document for reference is extremely inconvenient.

Not surprisingly, as the detail, we consider this issue: the fact that due to improperly executed footnote a student can not quite take his scientific work!So it is hardly surprising that establish appropriate standards is vital to the footnotes in the final formatting of the document.

Adding footnotes in Word 2010

opened in Word 2010 for the first time, you will surely be surprised that familiar from previous versions of the string "Menu" no tools for creating them is free.Do not despair: all you need, developers were able to place on the much more convenient location!

After such a long entry to begin practice.To add a standard footnotes at the end of the page to track down the tape tab "Links", which should be a button called "Insert footnote".Keep in mind that the cursor is at this time should be to have a word with you and make a footnote.

Immediately after pressing the button, you will see that the bottom of the page there was a special field for data entry.As a rule, when writing the vast majority of educational work is required to use this category of links.They decided to celebrate literature student who used to write their own scientific work, noting how the author's initials, and the page number where the one or other information.

At the end of the document, reference is made even easier.You must open the tab "Links" where to find an item called "Insert Endnote."Generally, such references do not denoted by ordinal numbers, and special characters.As in the previous case, the cursor is at this point should be about a word, with which reference is made.

As you can see, make references in Word 2010 is very simple.It should be noted that you can customize and size of these elements.To do this, find the tab "Links" to find in her column entitled "Notes", at the corner of which there is a small hand, clicking on which you will see a special drop-down list.In it you will be able to choose not only the location of the item, but also other characteristics.