Basic aerobic exercise

aerobic training - an effective way to put himself in good physical shape.It includes: jogging, brisk walking, cycling, swimming, jumping rope, dancing, etc.Aerobic exercise improves the body's ability to air exchange.That is, the authorities are starting to get more oxygen and thus they perform their functions better.During aerobic exercise also strengthens the cardiovascular system, develop the major muscle groups.Workouts help lower resting heart rate, to normalize cholesterol levels, improve blood circulation, enhance fat burning, reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes, get rid of stress.

Aerobic exercise for weight loss is recommended to perform at least 3 times a week.The break between workouts should be approximately 1 day.Begin training with 30-60 minutes, and then a few weeks later try to increase the classroom.If you want to know whether a sufficient intensity exercise, doing aerobics exercise, try during the occupation to stop and say three words.If after that breathing is interrupted, then you have a good load.In the case of a larger number of relaxing pronouncing words, increase the intensity.

gave training to good effect, it should be fun.Running - a variant of aerobic exercise.Duration 40-60 minutes of jogging.It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Swimming - is also aerobic exercise.Last one lesson should be 40-60 minutes.If you are only masters swimming, start with 15 minutes.Then gradually increase the load time.Especially swimming is recommended for people suffering from diseases of the joints.It is well relieves pain and helps maintain excellent physical shape.Also, swimming has a positive effect on the heart.

Biking - combining a good time and aerobic exercise.If you want to get a good workout, such a walk on the street to be quite intense.That is a leisurely ride will bring tangible results, it is more relaxing treatment.Better pedaling at high speed on a bike or climb a mountain.Riding well burns fat in the hips, buttocks, back and stomach.Cycling - a burden for the people who bad walk and run for orthopedic problems.

Water aerobics - the favorite of women.Aerobic exercise is performed in the water, which creates a good resistance to the body.This load is good for all people, including pregnant women.Water aerobics calms and relaxes.

Currently widespread teach step aerobics.It helps to adjust the figure in a fairly short period of time.Suitable for people who have no problems with the joints of the knees.Such aerobic exercise for weight loss effective enough and require a lot of concentration on the movements.

other modern - dance aerobics.Many fitness clubs to organize such training.If you do not have the opportunity to train at the sports center, get a video of the dance aerobics, and practice at home.Exercises are taken from the dance: latin, zumba, hip hop and others. The difference between this direction that the training may include power components.All classes are held without interruption in the learning of movements, as usually happens in dancing.

You can choose any of the above loads.Aerobic exercise is a real pleasure for those who do not like to just raise the "iron" in the gym.Thus trainees receive only positive emotions.