Christmas Cards scrapbooking-way expression of creative talent

Before disclosing the topic "New Year cards scrapbooking" should clarify the meaning of "scrapbooking".That word is translated from the English manual denotes design albums, literally "cutting + album".Each leaf of the album should express a complete thought.Moreover, these lists may be in the form of an accordion, accordion, boxes or houses.

And as a separate line should be here already allocated production of cards, which is called "kardmeyking."However, in the Russian language it stuck word "scrapbooking" with its broader sense - the art of needlework associated with paper.

Today, handmade art everywhere burst into all areas of our lives, and increasingly people use to not banal purchase congratulatory messages, and to the exclusive performance of their own man-made works of art paper.As an embodiment of this trend are the Christmas cards scrapbooking.

to make Christmas cards with their hands scrapbooking, you only pick up the interesting, exclusive, colorful material and come up with the plot design greeting.For example

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, men scrapbooking card may have on the face of the first sheet of the form window with pull-down shutters.For this it is necessary to draw a box on the sheet, and make the slots so as to obtain the pull-down flaps.Opening the flap, one can see in the picture either the donor (it stretches towards the recipient a bouquet of flowers or a hug hands with a declaration of love), or a picture of the beloved, which is intended message, or a photo where the two lovers, huddled togetherhappily looking out the window.

Since the picture is pasted on the reverse side of the main page, you should consider "camouflage" the adhesion site.If you do scrapbooking Christmas cards, then the place you want to mask, you can paste the Christmas tree or Santa Claus.

Stavenko front can also be beautifully decorate the ornaments, placing them in the wall of a cozy house.On the roof of the hut "bulk snow" made of cotton, and next to the house to "put" Christmas tree.Especially talented craftsmen of art can create it from the bead, extending along the trunk board.Thus, one half of the tree can be volumetric and green branches freely settle down, stretched out in different directions.

Around Christmas trees will look great funny tiny little animals, which you can buy in stores children's goods.But you can, and make them their own hands from pieces of fur!

More interesting is the very embodiment of scrapbooking scheme of children's books with retractable pictures.For example, on a page pasted applique animal that symbolizes the outgoing year (Dragon).He approaches the magician's hat lying on a rock.The hat is lifted, and all offer a symbol of the coming year (the snake).

In fact hat glued to a cardboard strip, by means of which the movement and will be implemented, that is, lifting of the hat, under which the application rests with the image of a snake.Cut slits into which is inserted into the carton, and that there was no sign of cardboard strips when picked up the hat, this place is masked carnival small points - the mask.These points are glued only at the tips, in fact representing the tunnel to traffic strips - raising the cap tool.

But also important to have a New Year's greeting card scrapbooking original layout and in the interior of its parts.Therefore it is possible to, for example, paste the Christmas tree decorations Christmas so that she was taking shape at a time when the card is closed and becomes convex after its disclosure.

To do this, cut out the tree velvet paper, fold it in half lengthwise and attach to the surface of the cards in the open position when it acts on the plane.Places folds trees and cards must be in a straight line, but have opposite directions: card fold line is directed to the left, like a book, and the tree is bent to the right.

How cool look ornaments on our Christmas trees, if you make them too mobile!For example, the flat balls, fish, mushrooms easy to attach to it with thread, so they hung and swayed as the real thing.And the recipient will appreciate your creativity deserved!