What does it mean and how much cash is popular at the moment, this form of payment

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It's no secret that information on the sale of various goods and services available on the Internet, people are showing increased interest.And this is understandable, because the purchase to your favorite music, movies, home appliances and so on via the web - it is convenient and practical.However, most people are wary of the transactions in the global network, fearing fall for the bait scams that take the money and not send the purchased goods.

However, it should be noted that the solution of the problem still exists.Make payment for goods purchased online, is possible by means of COD.How?To start to define that means cash on delivery.It is a certain amount of funds, which collects mail at the request of the seller with the recipient when the latter receives a notification that the goods have been shipped.At the same time as the deliverer of products serves post office.

There is a simple explanation of what it means cash on delivery.The shipper who chooses the form above calculations, instructs the mail or shipping company to transfer the goods until the buyer will pay for it.It should be emphasized that if the recipient refuses to make payment for it, it automatically goes back to the supplier.

considering the question of what it means to cash on delivery, it should be noted: as performance guarantees of payment for goods in a cashless provides checks or money orders, which accepts the banking institution.Currently, this form of payment is very popular among the owners of virtual stores, and Internet users.In the Soviet era mail delivery COD considered as a common service.Housewares, clothing, interior accessories and many more were purchased in this way.

us analyze what it means to cash in relation to sales on-line and what is its advantage.

you decide to buy clothes for fat people in your store?As a deliverer of the above products will be the post office.With the same success you can also order, for example, books by mail cash on delivery.Either way, placing an order, you will need to specify your own e-mail address and nothing else, while you pay for the goods once anybody can make.

After registration online store will send you clothes for fat people by mail.In the future you will receive a notice that the local post office is ordered item, and will only have to pay for it and pick up.Also, the buyer has to compensate for the costs of transporting the goods.

This option is very convenient settlement for several reasons.Firstly, people save their time, compared to, for example, with the purchase of prepaid products, since we still have to visit and banking institutions.Secondly, you get additional protection from fraud as pay for the goods only after he delivered the mail.

not hesitate: cash on delivery - it's convenient and cost-effective!