Which meat is better to take the kebabs: pork, beef, lamb or poultry?

In the last warm autumn days so want to relax in nature with friends or family, have a smoking brazier warming in anticipation of the meat delicacies.Therefore, before the weekend in advance to take care of everything necessary: ​​to buy all the provisions, to choose a place for a picnic, to prepare the car for the trip.And, of course, learn from what meat skewers do it to get a really delicious.This article describes the options for the products used.Pros and cons of each type are set out in detail.This will allow you to pinpoint the purchase of all necessary for cooking the main dish picnic - barbecue.Then the excitement is enough for all the long winter.What meat for kebabs , and what - no?Professional Advice

- Regardless of the grade, the meat must be young.Otherwise, the dish will turn out tough and not fry thoroughly.The darker the meat - the older bird.

- Freshness - a prerequisite.When using dried up pieces of dubious origin is likely to receive foreign "smell."Try buying at press your finger on the flesh.Good meat immediately return the form by smoothing the hole.

- In no case do not take Barbecue frozen pieces - they will get dry and tasteless.

- The flesh must be free of streaks and interspersed with sufficient adipose tissue to produce succulent dishes.

Which meat is better to take a barbecue : pork

This choice, of course, would be ideal!Pork is, except for good taste, another surprising feature: you do not need to worry about pre-pickling.Only two to three hours will be enough to impregnate pieces before frying fragrant spices and sauce.The best kebab derived from pulp, located in the part of the body close to the neck of a pig.

Which meat is better to take a barbecue : beef

To prevent stiffness, place the pieces in the marinade for a longer time, eg overnight.The most successful is sauce for impregnating mineral water.Beef is not so fat and juicy, like pork, so the chefs are some tricks in the preparation of a shish kebab out of it - meat slices bacon fat paneer or to preserve juiciness in eggs and bread crumbs.The most delicate dish is obtained from the tenderloin and loin of the carcass.

Which meat is better to take a barbecue : lamb

Although stiffness, true gourmets prefer fried food "smoky", prepared from this particular product.All cookbooks Caucasus skewers of lamb is a classic dish with excellent flavor and aroma.For him, usually used ribs, leg, or shoulder blade.But the main feature - to have time to enjoy the hot juicy slices.Indeed, any lamb tends to freeze quickly.

Which meat is better to take a barbecue : bird

Some categorically do not accept such a dish.They believe that it is - is like "an ear of a rooster."But if you use the meat tough old chickens, and the "maturing" of broilers, you get a pretty gentle and appetizing.Carcasses are usually cut into portions and fry on the grill, turning the browning.Tasty and appetizing!