How to put out the potatoes with chicken: recipes for all occasions

Each family has its own piggy bank everyday dishes.And the main criteria for their selection - is ease of preparation and availability of products.One of these is a recipe for stewed potatoes with chicken.Indeed, from its preparation to handle even a novice in the kitchen, and the food for this dish will always be at your local store.And most importantly, as a classic combination will necessarily have to taste everything.

Therefore, how to put out the potatoes with chicken on the plate, every woman knows.Birds or any part thereof divided into small pieces.Fry on all sides until golden brown in a deep frying pan with vegetable oil.Add the diced carrots and onions.Fry all together for another 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally.Carrots should be soft.Put the sliced ​​potatoes.Pour the water so that she covered it all.Season with salt and pepper.Bring to a boil and simmer under the lid closed for about an hour, until potatoes are tender.Serve stewed potatoes with chicken with vegetable salad.

This, of course, the basic recipe for every day.But it can be a variety of different spices, vegetables and herbs.The sauce can add a little sour cream or cheese.All this will not be able to spoil the taste of the finished dish.And here is how to put out the potatoes with chicken, to get really festive dish, do not know everything.And in fact, you need not so much to do.It is often customary dish of the grand distinguished only serve.

Very original on the holiday table will look stewed potatoes with chicken in the pot.However, for this dish is better to take chicken.Cut it into small pieces and put in the bottom of the pot.On top of the fillet folded carrots, onions and potatoes.Season with salt and seasonings, put a tablespoon of sour cream and some cheese.Bake in the oven until soft potatoes.Serve this dish portions in pots.

How to put out the potatoes with chicken for the festive table, if no such capacities?This is best done in the oven.But do not just put the chicken and potatoes on a baking sheet and place them in a sleeve with spices for baking.And thus prepared in an oven at 180 degrees for about 1 hour.In this case, the dish will turn out juicy and vegetables maintain their color perfectly.So look on the table potatoes, stewed chicken, will be festive and beautiful.

Of course, these options are not limited to versions of the preparation of such dishes.Recipes from potatoes and chicken can be found in large numbers in any cookbook.And this is no accident.Over combined and complementary products are difficult to imagine.In addition, subject to certain rules of potatoes, stewed chicken can become and dietary dishes.He even preschoolers served for lunch.

Probably, it will be difficult to find a more versatile dish.Easy to prepare and very tasty at the same time, it is likely to appeal to children and the older generation.And most importantly, this is the case when, knowing the secrets of how to put out the potatoes with chicken, you can make even a simple dish festive and even surprise guests.