How to freeze strawberries in winter

Strawberry - all the favorite berry season, which lasts, depending on the region, from May to July.Of course, the use of fresh products is invaluable, and even today, berry, brought from abroad, all year round to buy in any major supermarket, it is better to freeze strawberries at home.Often the "store" winter version differs unexpressed taste or even the lack of it, has a large atypical forms, which are not characteristic for this berry, which may indicate the use of large amounts of chemicals for growing and a fairly high price.Much more useful and cheaper to grow your own berries or buy it on the nearest market, and then to prepare for the future for the winter.How to freeze strawberries, read on in this article.By the way, the use of such a workpiece is invaluable, because the berries retain all the nutritional properties inherent in fresh produce.A snowy winter it's nice to get a serving of strawberries, defrost it and eat, thus supporting the body's immunity.Either cook from her various desserts - mousse, cake, sauce for ice cream and others.

How to freeze strawberries: a way to number 1

There are two basic ways to prepare berries for the winter - in the form of fresh jam that does not need to cook or preserve the traditional fruit entirely.Let's look at the first option.The required amount of strawberries, clean, rinse thoroughly with water, pat dry and place in a blender.Then add the sugar - 100 g per 400 g of berries.All whisk well until smooth, divide into portions and reload into molds - plastic containers, glass jars with thick walls or solid bags, put in the freezer.Such a blank may be stored until the following summer.And in winter, taking a bag of delicious jam, you can apply it to a fragrant tea to make filling for pancakes or filling for pies.

How to freeze strawberries: a way to number 2

known that berry, lay in the freezer a certain time, thawing, often turns into "jelly" or blurred, unappetizing-looking mass.Of course, you can simply expand the strawberries on the package and send in the freezer, but you can use some tricks.First, you need to pick the fruits of late varieties, but not overripe, and not very soft.Separate green stalk is not necessary.They also say that if you do not wash strawberries before freezing, it will retain more vitamins.It's just an opinion, because hardly conducted research on this topic so that solved all the same to you.Secondly, the whole berry portions need to be packed in packages - in an amount which you may need in the future.Repeated defrost any unexpended plant products is extremely undesirable.

Frozen strawberry: recipes for tasty dishes

from berries, preserved in this way, you can prepare a large number of dishes.Perhaps as much as, and fresh.Here are recipes for some of them.

Strawberry mousse

to please the family in the winter season, try to prepare the mousse just thawed berries.After all, he recalls the summer!For him, you will need:

- 300 g strawberries;
- 100 g of sugar;
- gelatin - about 3 teaspoons.

By the way, if you harvested the berries first method, just a couple of hours before cooking remove the portion of the refrigerator, but in this case only use gelatin - sugar fresh jam already have.If the berries have completely, then rub them through a sieve and whisk in a thick foam using a blender, and then add the sugar.Soak gelatin (it should swell), heat it on the stove (but do not boil) until complete dissolution of crystals, pour in the strawberry puree and mix thoroughly.The weight should be expanded in terms of cups and send in the refrigerator to harden.After a couple of hours you will be able to submit a great dessert, particularly tasty, if you drink milk.Frozen strawberries, the use of which is indistinguishable from fresh berries will give you the required amount of vitamins and milk - lots of useful calcium.

sauce to frozen strawberry pancakes

to take him:

- 300 g frozen strawberries (thawed previously it is not necessary);
- 3 tbsp.spoons of sugar;
- about 100 g water;
- 1 hour. L.starch.

Berry grind in a blender, put in a saucepan, add the sugar and water.Stir over low heat bring to a boil.Then, a small amount of water diluted with starch, pour in the strawberry puree, which is not necessary to remove from the heat, boil until the sauce thickens.Keep in mind that the more you add the starch, the thicker the sauce will.Finish - can bring to the pancakes or used as a roux to ice cream.Now that you know how to freeze strawberries, you can cook these and other dishes all year round.Their taste and appreciate the benefit of all members of your family.