How delicious baked turkey in the oven?

Appetizing meat turkey, baked in the oven, characterized by a pleasant taste so that in some countries, has become a traditional dish in the most important holidays, such as Christmas in America.In order to please yourself and loved ones a great dinner, and you can not wait for a special occasion.Try to bake a turkey in the oven on a normal day, and perhaps for this reason it will be special.

cooking tips

Classic option involves the use of a whole turkey stuffed stuffing, options which include both light and fruity honey and rich meat.It is important that what will be stuffed bird was already practically ready before laying it.Of course the meat during cooking is required periodically to pour sauce formed.Even if you do not have a whole bird, but only the leg of turkey, baked in the oven, you can try to dump it with butter and dried fruit just under the skin.It will turn fragrant and delicious.Cooking time piece or a carcass is determined by its weight.Each kilogram of poultry requires forty minutes of cooking, plus an additional twenty minutes to ensure that the dish came.

Choosing the right bird

to bake a turkey in the oven as it should, you need to choose a good carcass.The taste of the finished dish depends on the freshness and quality of meat.Young and healthy bird has a skin cream-pink color with a light fat, older differ rough, dark skin and yellow grease.At stale birds will bleary eyes and beak dull skin is sticky and unpleasant smell.Try clicking on the meat.If the pit is not leveled, carcass has been defrosted for a long time or just lying on the counter.

What to do before you bake the turkey in the oven?

Opal selected bird feather sticks and remove excess fat.Remove the entrails and the carcass rinse under running water, rub with salt inside and out, and then let it sit for a while in the cool of the meat to prosolilos.

How to bake a turkey in the oven

you need a bird weighing up to seven kilograms, three hundred grams of dried apricots, two hundred grams of butter, a kilogram of rice, a couple of onions, a couple of cloves of garlic, two carrots, one hundred grams of raisins, two hundred grams of figs, vegetable oil,five tablespoons of honey, parsley, pepper, salt.Prepare two toppings.The first is made from dried apricots and butter.Soak the dried fruits with hot water to a quarter of an hour, let dry and grind the meat grinder.Add the butter and whisk thoroughly.For the second boil until half the washed rice, soak the raisins in boiling water and figs, wash the parsley.Chop herbs, onions, carrots and garlic, fry the vegetables in butter for five minutes.Add the rice, dried fruits and herbs.Season with salt and pepper, mix thoroughly.The skin is properly prepared on the bird separate spatula and put it to the first filling.Inside lay out and sew the second section of twine.Now spread the honey bird and send it in the oven for a time determined from the size of the bird.The first hour bake at two hundred degrees, then lower the heat and cover the turkey baking paper.On this same recipe can be cooked and delicious goose and duck, and even ordinary chicken.