How to bake meat yourself?

Meat dishes were and remain the main at any meal.However, they should know how to cook.Otherwise, the meat would be dry and tough.If you want to treat yourself and your guests something original and neizbity, in this case, use the oven.Bake the meat is not so difficult.It is enough to know a few basic rules.If they comply, then turn the meat is very juicy, flavorful and tender.

Bake can be both pork and beef.In the first case, the dish will be more juicy and tender.But at the same calories and fat it would be substantially greater.Roast beef - a dietary product.With the proper preparation of its palatability of the food also will be on top.

How to bake meat in the oven?To begin, select the freshest produce.Beef should be a nice light scent.Only in this case it can be used for baking in the oven.Do not take frozen meat.It will spoil the taste of the finished dish.Rinse thoroughly with a piece of meat under cold running water and gently pat with paper towels.The following is to undertake the preparation of the marinade.

To bake the meat properly, it must remain for several hours in a special liquid.Marinade give beef tenderness and juiciness, protect against drying out in the oven.Recipes in this case may be very different from each other.Each prepares a marinade to your liking.We recommend that you use as the basis of soy sauce.The special piquancy to the dish will add fresh garlic (1 kg of meat - about 5 large cloves).You can also add ground pepper and dried herbs.If you do not like spicy food, the amount of spices and garlic should be reduced to a minimum (beef should not be fresh in the end).

cooking roast meat - the process is quite long and painstaking.Select in advance the day when you will be more free.Cooking does not tolerate haste.

So, lay the meat in the marinade as you think enough time.Next, you need to pull it out and put it on a flat surface.On a piece of beef you need to make a few longitudinal cuts with a sharp knife.Nashpiguyte meat grated carrots and slices of garlic.Thus beef would be a full meal.After the preparatory phase, wrap the meat in foil.Make sure the piece is covered with a dense layer.It is necessary that the juice in the process of catching roasting not emerged on a baking sheet.So you can prevent the beef from drying out.

This recipe for grilled meat (with photos of similar techniques of cooking is not much use to spread, as all elementary technology) is designed approximately 2-2.5 hours of free time (including the preparatory phase).Preheat oven to 220 degrees.The meat in foil, place on a baking sheet and put bake.Cooking Time - 2 hours.Focus on the flowers stand out juice.Once it becomes clear, you can get beef.It is necessary to bake the meat until golden brown pleasant shade.Serve hot.Then all present guests will appreciate your ability to wield the kitchen.