What harvesting apricots for the winter can be prepared

Apricot - delicious fruit, very useful, saturating the human body a lot of vitamins.Its main advantage - a high content of beta-carotene, which supports our vision is normal.And anyway, ripe abrikoski - a real vitamin bomb.When the season starts, they need to have as much as possible and try to prepare for the winter in all forms.

apricots in own juice

Bars of apricots in the winter can be very different.For example, in its own juice.To do this, take the ripe, but tvёrdenkie without spoiling fruit.Carefully divided into halves, bone removed and the apricots are put yourself into prepared jars.Each layer falls out sugar (based on 1 kg. 300-350 fruits c. Sugar).Banks occasionally shaking, tightly and evenly to fill them.Prior to the neck did not report about 2 fingers.Cover with sterilized lids and store in a cool place, appeared to juice.The next day, their banks harvesting apricots for the winter sterilize water bath for this routine: for a half-liter jars - 10 min., Liter - 15. Then they should roll, flip, and wrap up a day to send in the cellar.

Dried Apricots (sun-dried)

These apricots are called dried apricots.For this harvesting apricots suitable for winter ripe fruit in which bone is well separated.Berries are thoroughly washed, cleaned, folded into a bowl or pan, sprinkle with sugar, and leave them to let the juice.After 6-8 hours to put on the fire to boil.After that, drain the syrup (you can then cook the jam, compote or jelly) and apricots spread out on a baking sheet and send it in the oven on low heat to dry them until tender.The doors do not close tightly, otherwise, all products will burn!When fully dried apricots provyalen, lay it on the sterile jars and store it under the covers.Dessert turns wonderful!

Apricots frozen

Remembering what preparations for the winter of apricots can be done, not to mention the fresh frozen.To do this, wash the berries, put on a paper towel to dry.Then packagi in small packages, bleed them, quit and return to the freezer.Remove as necessary to lay out on a plate, let unfrozen in vivo, and eat to your health!

Apricot Jam

apricot jam for the winter - a delicious and flavorful treat.Preparing it without difficulty.For every kilogram of fruit goes a half kg of sugar and 2 cups of water.So, wash the berries, pierce each match in several places, to fill pre-cooked syrup.Let stand up a day in a cool place.Then, the syrup is drained, boiled again added to the berries.After another day harvesting should be put on fire and cook over low heat until it is ready (berries become transparent and amber color).Prepackaged on banks hot cork.

Apricot compote

One of the most popular types of harvesting apricots for the winter - compote.Ripe fruits of hard to wash and sleep in the three-liter jars, filling them with little more than a quarter (can be halved).Pour 150-200 gr.of sugar each, cover with cold water and put to boil in a water bath for 20-25 minutes.Then roll.