Catching carp on the spring

Karp - one of the largest fish, which gives the name of the whole family.Among the amateur fishermen is very common carp in the spring.Among the trophies caught by this simple device, across a fairly large specimens.

Among cyprinids this fish is distinguished not only by its size, but also the excellent taste, because thanks to the abundance of blood carp meat tastes like beef.Most often carp are caught not for consumption but for sport.After hunting for carp - occupation is very exciting, it is not just fishing, and competition on equal terms, without any compromises.This fish Zorkaya and cautious.She often comes up to the top, so the place of feeding carp must be approached very cautiously, stealthily and not in full growth.And if there is on the shores of natural remedies, such as shrubs, it is necessary to make an artificial disguise.

catch carp can be as live bait such as maggots or earthworms, and the plant, such as corn, beans or peas.Legumes although similar to natural food carp are considered more bait.Catching carp on peas brings fast and stable results, but it is used only occasionally.Peas prepared for packing in several ways.His first soaked, then poured into a nylon bag, pour a little water and cook on low heat with a variety of flavors, such as bay leaf and fennel seeds, but you can do without them.Some prefer to cook the peas in the oven in a glass jar filled with water and cover iron lid.Once the water evaporates, and peas lightly browns - bait ready.

for bottom fishing of this fish, there are special gear: box, makushatnik.Very common carp in the spring.The spring is a gear made of steel wire thickness 1.8-2 mm, coiled spring in a diameter of 15 centimeters.The resulting spring to roll a bagel with a diameter of about 45 millimeters.For six donut tie leashes of fishing line, holds up to twenty kilograms.The length of the leash should be 6-8 centimeters.You do not need to use very small hooks.Since spring heavy enough, the additional load is not applicable.The spring can throw far enough, 60 meters from the shore.

Catching carp on the spring applies only to those waters, where the current is weak or none at all.Bait is prepared as follows.In the middle of the donut dent bait prepared in advance of thick porridge which stuck three hooks.Top bagel also stuck to cereal and carefully hide the remaining three hooks.Instead, you can use cooked cereal dough or cake.To know that there was a bite, the end of the tie rod small bells.To smell sometimes add a little sunflower oil.

Catching carp on the spring is usually used at night.Once hooked, the fish in the first minute is always fiercely resisted, so that the carp is not broke, do not force him to drag you need.He is given a walk that he was tired, and then effortlessly brings it to shore and pulled by a landing net.

In the past, very popular in our country was a way to catch carp cake.Cake is a cake, which is obtained from sunflower husks after oil.Normally, it takes a piece of cake the size of a matchbox, and stuck in the corners of four hooks.The center Makukha chase a lead sinker and throw cone in the water.In this method of fishing hooks often intersect over the gills and strongly hurt the fish, so this method of fishing is considered to be barbaric in the West it is banned.Now the West is spreading more humane way of catching carp baits.This method is increasingly beginning to be used and we gradually displacing the old ways of fishing.

Sometimes carp caught on completely artificial baits, such as foam or cork.
What makes carp swallowing them - is not clear.Maybe this fish is too inquisitive?Whatever it was, but still catching carp on artificial attachment ineffective.In general, working with attachments from experienced fishermen have a lot of tricks with which they manage to catch big carp.