Can I return discounted goods

Nothing stirs the blood avid buyer as discounts, sales and bargain basement.We rush headlong into stores, but when he saw the coveted word SALE.It somehow magically affects us, and we sweep the shelves all the necessary and unnecessary.However, when the adrenaline is slightly reduced, and we start to soberly assess their purchases, it turns out that "rasprodazhny" Escape the supermarket cost us a pretty penny, but the baskets were put things, the quality and the condition of which we have not even checked.What to do?How to return what was bought on sale, and a deep discount?Can I ask the seller to replace the item, if you purchased the discounted product?Let's try to sort out first.

discount stores could be considered as such, if the result of a decrease in demand and the end of the season it decides to reduce dealer cost.In principle, the devaluation - this is the same discount that the seller has the right to do on your own.Many buyers mistakenly believe that the sale of discount stores is when they

marry or have any problem.Yes, this is possible, but the sale of such items the seller must notify the buyer.Or the information should be fully recorded on the label or price tag of goods to those who coveted the low cost, able to adequately assess the situation and decide to buy it discounted goods or not.

So, the buyer must be aware that in respect of those items that have undergone marked down, the same rules apply as in relation to the standard cost of goods.These include the warranty on the return and exchange it.It concerns the things that were sold in good quality and were just put on sale.

In case the price reduction was made by the seller due to the fact that the product is clearly well-known shortcomings or faults, and this was reported to the buyer in writing, these rights are limited a little bit.However, if you want to return the item because of marriage, is not mentioned in the purchase, no you can not deny it.In this situation, you can claim a refund or exchange the item for the same.

buyer also can return or exchange for any other non-food items within fourteen days from the date of purchase.This is the reason to return the discounted items can be anything: you can not go to the interior color or you just realized that this thing acquired purely by chance.It must be remembered that the seller has the right to deny you these requirements if:

  1. product was used in an extended period of time.
  2. Goods lost his appearance and now can not be set in the window.
  3. Goods lost their consumer properties, and lost its functionality.
  4. goods breaking the seal or corrupted branded labels.
  5. as well as goods from the list referred to in official documents, which are complex electrical appliances, underwear, hygiene products and pharmaceuticals, furniture, jewelry and more.