Bar accessories and equipment

Bar inventory needs careful, informed choice.From the properties of the tool being used often depends on the overall quality of the preparation of beverages.It emphasizes the unique image of the institution and allows the use of attractive, original dishes.

In general, the bartender work requires special care, and the availability of effective organized space.Therefore, it is important that the hand has always been all the necessary bar equipment, utensils and equipment.

Selection Criteria Inventory

  1. professional status.High-quality equipment for the organization of the bar must be different durability, high reliability.Only professional types of bar equipment is convenient to use for a long time.
  2. decoration.To bar stock fits perfectly into the interior of the restaurant, to give preference to products to be decorated in the same style.Set of bar tools should be different refined, elegant look, but also reflect the basic idea of ​​the design of the bar.
  3. Ease of use.Tools and utensils used by the bartender should be easy to wash, clean and do not take up too much space behind the bar.Only in this case, bar utensils, inventory will always be at the right time at hand.

Required equipment

What tools are standard bartender?To perform professional duties bartender needed:

  • shaker;
  • measuring jigger;
  • strainer;
  • curling ice;
  • bar spoon;
  • muddler;
  • all kinds of skewers, knives, tubes, and other useful accessories.


It is a jig is not nothing but a special design of the measuring cup.Such a thing just becomes indispensable for the need to respect the proportions in the preparation of classic cocktails.

conventional materials for the manufacture of stainless steel jigger is.Jigger is divided into two metal plates.One of them is different standard volume of 1.5 ounces or 44 ml.The second part of the jig may be of any arbitrary volume.

Prefer recommended jigger, which have rounded edges.In this case it is possible to minimize fluid leakage during transfusions.


bar equipment purchasing and inventory, do not forget about buying a strainer.This tool is presented in the form of a special strainer, which is required during preparation of cocktails in a shaker.

Base strainer contains several functional protrusions, which adds to the stability of the tool when used on a shaker.Along the perimeter of such products tensioned spring.Its presence creates a barrier in the way of a cocktail of components that should not be in the customer's glass.Among other things, by a spring adjustment clearance occurs between the edges of the shaker and strainer.Most often, a strainer is used, if necessary, detention of ice, crushed fruit, vegetable components cocktails.

bar spoon

Such bar stock is often called the cocktail spoon.From regular dining option for bars distinguished primarily by an impressive length.This feature is dictated by the necessity of mixing cocktails in deep tanks.Another practical use of a bar spoon lies in measuring the volume of liqueurs and syrups that are added to cocktails.Displacement of the spoon and makes a standard 5 ml.

handles most bar spoons of different spiral shape.This not only increases the ease of performing rotational movements, but also allows the use of the handle as a kind of gutter components for brandy cocktails.When the fluid flow in a spiral, it goes as smoothly as possible to the previous layer.

Some bars have a spoon on the back of a small fork.Using it is convenient to get from the tanks cherries, olives, to use other decorative elements cocktails.


Standard European version shaker consists of three components: cup, lid with strainer, top cap.Such bar stock is easy to use.To begin the shaker placed in the ingredients which are hermetically closed.In order to thoroughly mix the components of a cocktail shaker shake enough for 10-15 seconds.This allows a good cool drink, not allowing the ice to melt completely.

Professional, high-shakers are made entirely of stainless steel, which makes it possible to determine the temperature of the contents of the bartender feels his hands.Such an option would be best for a beginner, because it is the most convenient for everyday use and does not need to have any special skills.


muddler looks normal pistil.It is used mainly for making mojitos.With convenient muddler to crush the main components of a cocktail - lime and mint.However, some bartenders are used instrument during the preparation of other popular cocktails.

Currently on the market there are plastic and wooden muddler.Of course, wood products enjoy higher demand because of its environmental friendliness, attractive appearance.However, the device can not be called wood durable, as they quickly become limp with regular contact with liquids.

small accessories

Buy bar equipment in St. Petersburg offers specialty stores, online stores, and in the St. Petersburg Association of Bartenders.However, the set will not be complete without the presence of small inventory, which can include all kinds of tubes, decorations for cocktails, knives to peel, cutting boards, and so on. N.

To complement the aesthetics of the bar, and all the instruments at the same time were on handadditionally it is advisable to use special drives to accommodate glasses, rubber mats, stacks of dishes.