Nipple itch in pregnancy and shelled Causes

With the onset of pregnancy, the body and the body of a woman greatly transformed.Thus, increasing the load on the internal organs: increasing the volume of the circulated blood, liver and kidneys are working at an accelerated rate, and so on.Also radically changed the body of the expectant mother.Her hips are wider, chest seems more.Over the period begins to appear belly and subcutaneous fat is deposited on the sides.All of this is an absolute rule.Most women can be confusing for new sensations, which they had not previously encountered.Most moms say they have changed the nipples during pregnancy.Is this pathology?The answer to this question can be found in the article.It should say what are the reasons that itchy nipples during pregnancy and need to somehow deal with it.

Breasts Chest woman

the fairer sex is provided for breast feeding the child.This organ undergoes some changes during the menstrual cycle.Surely every woman noticed that before the onset of the next bleeding breast skin becomes more sensitive.

nipples during pregnancy undergo a dramatic change.They increase in size, can take a new form and color.All this is a sign of illness.Any doctor will tell you that the nipples during pregnancy sometimes sore and itchy.There are a couple of reasons.All of them can be divided into natural and pathological.We consider every detail and learn why behave this way nipples breasts during pregnancy.

Increased breast

Often women itchy nipples during pregnancy.The reason for this becomes sprawl and increasing share of milk.Due to the rapid growth of skin is stretched unevenly.This causes itching.In some cases, after a few days, the presence of this feature, you can find a small stretch marks on his chest - striae.Get rid of them is difficult.That is why the need to be concerned about the beauty of the skin on the breast in advance.

Timely purchase new underwear and enjoy the soothing body lotion.Give preference to products made for expectant mothers.

Isolation irritating secretions

nipples during pregnancy may not only be scratched, but becomes irritated.Often the skin on them becomes red and scaly.The cause of this symptom is the allocation of a special secret.

If you look at a woman's breasts carefully, you will notice on the areola are small whitish bumps.Many women believe that it is a sign of illness or even begin to squeeze them.In fact, it is absolutely natural structure of the female breast.These bags contain a special secret, which is released during breastfeeding in large numbers.This feature of the female body is designed for the normal organization of lactation.Secrete a substance lubricates the nipple and areola protects it from drying out and cracking.

appearance of colostrum

Many women in the last stages of pregnancy and itchy flakes nipples.The reason for this becomes excessive separation of colostrum.Often the problem facing women have given birth who are well developed milk ducts.Allocated colostrum dries on the skin of the breast and causes itching and flaking.

All of this is absolutely normal pattern.To reduce the irritation of sensitive skin, often take a shower.If it is impossible to wipe the skin baby wipes.It can also help the special absorbent pads for the chest.

allergic reaction

If itch and peel nipples at an early stage of pregnancy, the reason for this may be an external stimulus.Carefully reconsider her wardrobe.Perhaps you have recently purchased a new underwear?Check it sucked.Such a reaction of the mammary glands can be synthetic.Also allergy in the form of itching and flaking can cause personal hygiene.

During pregnancy a woman's body becomes more sensitive.He needs special care and concern.Purchase a special shower gels designed for expectant mothers.Most often, they have a natural composition.Also pay attention to your loofah.If it is very hard, you should buy a new one.Many future moms use baby products and have no problems with itching and flaking of the mammary glands.

Pathological processes

If you are sore nipples during pregnancy, you should be sure to inform the doctor.In most cases, such a reaction is harmless and easily removable.However, there are cases when hormonal changes cause the development of pathological processes in the female body.At the same time there are additional symptoms.They are expressed in changing the shape of the breast, unusual discharge from the nipple greenish, red or gray shade.Also, in some cases, can increase the temperature and worsen the general condition of women.

Your doctor may tell you to take some diagnostics.Most commonly prescribed breast ultrasound.It is absolutely safe and does not require specific training.During diagnostics specialist will be able to accurately determine whether there is in your body pathology or itching, pain or nipple desquamation caused by individual character and an interesting new position.

Harbinger birth

Some women in the later stages of sore nipples.In pregnancy, it may be an indirect sign of the emergency meeting of the baby.During the onset of labor increases production of oxytocin.This hormone is released by the pituitary gland and affects muscle muscles genitals.Surely many of you know that the uterus and breasts of women are interrelated.This can be quite easy to make.Try to stimulate the nipples, and you will get a response in the form of reductions genitals.Excess

oxytocin not only leads to the appearance of labor, but also to changes in the mammary gland.The nipple begins to swell and a little blush.Since a woman's body prepares for an early breastfeeding.It should be noted that because of the pain of the abdomen and lower back during contractions expectant mother may not even notice the change in the state of her breasts and nipples.

Summary Article

You now know how to behave in the nipples during pregnancy.If the skin on the breast began to change, there was itching, burning, pain, or peeling, it is necessary to consult a doctor.Only a doctor can perform a thorough examination and to determine the true cause of the symptom.In some cases, doctors recommend the use of natural oils to soften these areas and safe medicines.But do not independently appoint a similar correction.This can lead to unexpected consequences.Make sure that the behavior of the skin and breast nipples during pregnancy.Take care of your body and be beautiful!