As stuffed pike vegetables?

stuffed pike can be any product, but tastes best, such fish get along with vegetables.It should also be noted that this product is made very beautiful and original.That is why such an unusual dinner often make for a festive table.

as stuffed pike vegetables

Necessary ingredients:

  • fresh herbs as dill and parsley - half of the beam;
  • ripe lemon - 1 whole fruit;
  • fresh big pike - 1 pc .;
  • mayonnaise - 50 c.(to decorate dishes);
  • big fresh carrots - 2 pcs .;
  • red pepper - a couple of pinches;
  • olive oil - 40 ml .;
  • bulbs Big Island - 2 pcs .;
  • lettuce - a few pieces for decoration;
  • iodized salt - 2/3 dessert spoon;
  • fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables - for garnish.

The processing of fish

Before stuffed pike, you should buy fresh fish to be erased from the fins, scales and all the viscera.The head and tail when it is advisable to leave, because only in this way can you arrange the dish by placing the product on a large flat plate.Once the pike will be processed, it must be good coat with salt and leave aside for 10-16 minutes.During this time it is possible to quickly process the remaining ingredients.

process of preparing vegetables

stuffed pike should not be a lot of vegetables, because they are only necessary to give the dish flavor and aroma.It wanted to take the 2 large fresh carrots and the same sharp large bulbs.These products need to rinse, then peel and cut into thin rings and circles.Similarly, it should be treated and one ripe lemon.In addition, the need to wash all the cooked greens, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers.

process of stuffing the fish

Once all products are produced, it is necessary to take the pike, place it on a cutting board and as widely as possible to reveal the belly.There should be put fresh carrots, cut into thin slices and rings of onion.Then the vegetables needed to flavor a little iodized salt and red pepper.Next on the bulbs need to put slices of fresh lemon.If one whole fruit is too much, then he can just squeeze the juice and coat them with the surface of the fish with olive oil.Stuffed belly should cover and pinch using toothpicks.

Stuffed pike baked in the oven: Heat Treatment

Prepare fish need to carefully put on the foil, then tightly cover and send in the oven.Bake this dish must be at least 40 minutes.After that pike should obtain, deploy and out onto a plate so that it retained its complete form.

correct supply for the festive table

Stuffed pike recipe with a photo of which are discussed above, is served for dinner only hot.Samu fish should be placed on a large flat plate, which should cover the pre-green leaves of lettuce and garnish with sprigs of parsley and dill.On top of the pike recommended trickle covered with mayonnaise, and be positioned next to it chopped fresh vegetables and lemon slices.