Disclosure of the cervix 2 fingers when giving birth?

pregnancy becomes an exciting stage in the life of every girl.If deutipara the fairer sex know what to expect, the young future moms completely unaware of what signs indicates the start of labor.Often, at the next woman the doctor hear the phrase: "Disclosure of the cervix 2 fingers."What it may mean?The answer to this question, you will learn from the article.Also worth mentioning, what are the symptoms of cervical dilatation.

cervical dilatation 2 fingers

Photos of this state presented article.Most often, such indication is found in women after 36 weeks of pregnancy.However, there are exceptions.What does it mean cervical dilatation 2 fingers?This condition says that during the inspection of a gynecologist or obstetrician can be placed in the cervical canal index and middle finger of one hand.

Many women are concerned about how and when labor begins.It is worth noting that a clear answer to this question is no.Some of the fairer sex can give birth in a few hours.Others know that they have cervical dilatation 2 fingers, and safely carry the baby for a few weeks.Let us try to understand in detail in each individual case.

Childbirth in a few hours

Most often cervical dilatation 2 fingers multiparous shows emergency meeting of the baby from the mother.This is due to the following.A woman's body is already pretty well know what is required of him.The cervix opens quickly and is not as painful as the first time.Many women give birth after only a few hours after the discovery of such a feature.

Do not worry, you will not notice the process at all.Most likely, after the inspection you will begin to appear symptoms of further disclosure.On them you can find below.

Childbirth few weeks

If the expectant mother for 35 weeks, cervical dilatation 2 fingers, then most likely, it will carry the baby for about 10-20 days.Be sure to take into account the status of women on this term.If it does not have any symptoms of labor, there is no pain, it feels great, neither of which no speech pathology.

In most cases, future mummy sent home dohazhivat remaining time.However, sometimes the cervical dilatation 2 fingers require hospitalization.If the term does not yet allow pregnancy to give birth, that the fairer sex is put into conservation pathology.This prescribers allowing inhibit premature expansion of the cervical canal.

Emergency measures (early cervical dilatation)

If you have a pregnancy, cervical dilatation of 2 fingers, but the term is still quite small, the gynecologists are beginning to take emergency measures.Most often performed suturing the cervix.Also, in some cases, put the pessary.These manipulations allow to prevent the onset of preterm labor.

after surgery women are prescribed medications, and complete rest.In this case, it is likely to convey the pregnancy to term.This expectant mother can pass with the opening of 4 to 20 weeks.

Symptoms of cervical dilatation

How to cervical dilatation 2 fingers?Photos of this state is represented to your attention.Sometimes the process can be set only by a doctor during the examination or the ultrasound examination.This woman does not feel absolutely no symptoms of cervical dilatation.In most cases, this process manifests some symptoms.Let us examine them in detail.

Pain (scrum)

during cervical dilatation woman feels pain in the lower abdomen.This unpleasant feelings are growing in nature.Many of the fairer sex, who have gone through this, they say that the pain is very similar to menstrual.

lower abdomen starts to pull, and inflate.In addition, over time it joined the severity of the lumbar spine.If the very first sensation of pain have a pretty big gap, then over time it reduced.Thus, the initial contractions can last for 30 seconds and repeat every hour.Within a short period of time feeling acquire up to one minute and come every quarter of an hour.

Passage of cork

Normally the cervical canal future mother tightly closed.It is the so-called slimy piece - stopper.This formation appears at the beginning of pregnancy and helps to protect the unborn baby from getting to it harmful bacteria and infections.

When the cervix starts to open, the plug is simply out of the cervical canal.It can have a brownish tint with splashes of blood or be transparent.All this is a normal variant.Passage of cork can be momentary or gradual.Average her number is one tablespoon.After leaving the mucous lump woman can give birth in a few hours or take a couple of weeks.It all depends on the individual characteristics and pregnancy.

outpouring water

amniotic fluid surrounds the baby during pregnancy.However, before the birth she often pours.At the same time there is disclosure of the cervix in women.

It is worth noting that after these developments, a woman should give birth in a few hours.If it is impossible to do in a natural way, the method doctors use Cesarean section.


you now know how many deliveries could begin at the cervical dilatation two fingers.Keep in mind that every woman's body is different.It is not necessary to be equal to their friends and relatives.Each subsequent delivery can take place completely differently.Be aware of the main symptoms of cervical dilatation.When they occur, contact the maternity hospital.I wish you success!