Gleb G. Fetisov.

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Gleb Fetisov - one of the most prominent Russian businessmen.He is not only a successful businessman, but also a significant person in politics and in the academic environment of our country.The man managed to achieve heights in all these areas due to the exceptional hard work and solid life principles.

road to success Gleb Fetisov was rapid - over long periods, he did not stay on the majority of posts over a year, each time taking more and more prestigious and high position.

Facts about the person

Gleb G. Fetisov - a Russian businessman, politician, scholar.Born in 1966 in Elektrostal.He is a corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences (in the department of social sciences).He is a member of the coordinating council of the Academy for forecasting.The head of the Council dealing with issues of research at the Academy of the productive forces and the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.He is a member of scientific councils of various levels in the Moscow State University.The Board of Trustees of various scientific institutions.

is a member of the Public Chamber of Russia.Co-owner of the company Altimo.The owner and head of the Board of Directors "My Bank".Gleb Fetisov deals with issues related to the representation of the minority shareholders of the bank VTB his interests in the structures of the financial institution.He is vice president of the Kondratieff.Many Russian entrepreneurs - great family man.No exception and Gleb Fetisov.The wife of a businessman, Tatiana, two sons and a daughter, according to the entrepreneur - the most important achievements of his life.The eldest son Gleb Fetisov is trained as an economist, a junior - quite small, the daughter goes to school.

Business and government

Gleb Fetisov, whose biography contains an incredible amount of interesting facts, began his ascent to the upper echelons of management and the government as a senior researcher at the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1990.Soon, the talented scientist moved to the position of adviser in the "Alfa Group", where he worked until 1993.In the same year he became deputy chairman of the board, "Investbank" (in its jurisdiction were questions related to credit operations).In 1994 he headed the bank "Krossinvest."

Fetisov In 1995 he was appointed CFO of the company "Alfa-Eco" (in 1999 he became president of the group of companies of the same name).In 1996-1998, he was a liquidator alumina refinery in the town of Achinsk.In 2001, Gleb Fetisov became a member of the board of directors of the company "VimpelCom".Achieving significant progress in business spodviglo manager to work in a new field.Power - that's where rushed Fetisov.Gleb G. in 2001 became a member of the Federation Council, where he worked until 2009.Soon he went to the headquarters of the party "United Russia", and then in the Public Chamber.

thorny path of science

Fetisov Gleb G. - is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also a scientist named.The first steps to success in science, he did in high school, graduated with a medal.He was fond of chess and acted on a chessboard so noble, that earned him the nickname Honest.Fetisov disaccustomed at the Economics Faculty of Moscow State University, then a master's degree of the Academy of Finance, after - graduate of Moscow State University and a doctorate of the Academy.In the late 90s he studied in the United States.He worked as head of the department at the Economics Faculty of Moscow State University, in 2007 he became a professor.

Finance and state

Gleb Fetisov owns shares in companies Altimo, My Decker Capital (investment in China).Member rating Forbes.46 took place in 2006 with a capital of $ 700 million, 35th in 2008 ($ 3.7 billion).During the crisis, the state of the businessman suffered greatly.Forbes magazine entrepreneur took 42 place in the rating of Russia's richest men with a capital of 1.6 billion dollars.Different approaches to the assessment of Fetisov used and other business publications (magazine "Finance").

Life principles

Fetisov Gleb G. - respected in the business community support efficient life principles.In one of his speeches he spoke about what success does not tend to be random.Fly, Fetisov believes, is only capable of the kind of person who did not pity force out to make the run.

Entrepreneur - for optimism.He was confident - even if it seems that there is absolutely nothing in front of the lumen, can not give up.Fetisov has always preferred to think about the success that it is sure to be achieved.We need to work hard and that it is important to be prepared for change.Gleb Fetisov optimistically sees the future of the country - in one of his speeches he spoke, that now - time for new opportunities that exist both in politics and in the economy.Young also has a chance to make a great career.

business philosophy

Gleb Fetisov, a photo of which is present on the pages of major business publications, adheres to a set of principles in business.Firstly, according to a businessman, do not be afraid of mistakes.Much worse, he says, not to do something and then regret it.The main thing - is to be active.Secondly, confident businesswoman, man has the right to dispose of their time.If it is a matter of business, the most important thing - to place the right emphasis in the presence of other factors that require personal involvement of the entrepreneur.For example, the need to devote time to family and friends.Third, Gleb Fetisov - a businessman who is not too deeply immersed in the invested projects.

He participates in the financing of as much as there is a margin, and good - not 10%, but, say, 50%.If less - Fetisov will leave the business project.Do not be in its principles magnate sitting on plant assets with a minimum profitability.Gleb Fetisov, by his own admission, is a perfectionist.He is demanding as to itself and to the people around him.