What is the "cleaning"?

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Many owners of big companies already know what "cleaning" because of the appearance of their office space depends largely on the company's image.Owners of private houses and apartments who appreciate their time and energy, also were more likely to use the services of cleaning companies.This is not surprising.The modern pace of life all the dials and is gaining momentum, and the decision of the minor problems simply do not have time.Therefore, this service is becoming more popular.

What is "cleaning"?

term "cleaning" came to us from the English language and translates as "cleaning", but in fact, it is very different from the usual cleaning.

Instead of rags and mops are used modern equipment and specialized tools, chosen for each surface separately, depending on its chemical and physical characteristics.All work is done by qualified staff, specially trained.

Services provided by cleaning companies

large assortment of services of cleaning companies is quite diverse.Depending on their needs, the customer can order:

  • General cleaning of premises, including washing windows, handling toilets, dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture, polishing hard surfaces, as well as the cleaning of appliances - microwave ovens, ovens, cooktops,refrigerators and so on. d.
  • daily housekeeping, designed to maintain order in the room.
  • cleaning of premises after repair and construction works.
  • carpet cleaning, carpet and upholstery.
  • washing windows, balconies, as well as ventilated facades.

Also, some companies are willing to offer their customers care for plants, laundry and ironing, removal of household waste, bringing drinking water, the provision of staff - cleaners, housekeepers, maids.

According to many customers take advantage of such services as a cleaning, reviews can be found on the websites of cleaning companies, cleaning, produced by professionals, are far superior to cleaning in the usual sense.Using special equipment and advanced chemicals cleans all surfaces quickly and efficiently.

Equipment for cleaning

To be able to carry out cleaning of the room at a high level, cleaning firm should have in their arsenal of modern and high quality equipment.The most commonly used types of equipment following:

  • Vacuum cleaners for dry and wet cleaning with different size nozzles for opportunities to work in tight spaces.
  • Washing machines with disc brushes thoroughly launderers floor surface.
  • machines to clean the carpeting from any dirt.This carpet surface do not require additional drying as quickly dry up.
  • Steam care of upholstered furniture - with the help of it you can conduct an effective cleaning of hard surfaces such as tiles.
  • Polisher - for polishing hard floors and other hard surfaces.

And this is not the whole list of equipment that can be used for professional cleaning of residential and non-residential premises.In addition, there is such a thing as an external cleaning, ie cleaning of territory.For this purpose, various snow machines, lawn mowers, and so on. N.

Safety in cleaning

The paper used chemical products containing in its composition potent substances.If used improperly, they can both be harmful to human health and damage the object to be processed.Cleaning should be carried out in compliance with safety - working with cleaning agents is necessary to accurately follow the instructions, and use protective equipment - goggles, gloves, masks, overalls.

When working with professional technique you need to know and follow the rules of its operation, otherwise you can not only clean the surface of poor quality, but also get a variety of injuries, such as burns when working with a steam generator.

Thus, cleaning companies all employees should be trained to operate the equipment and cleaning agents and learn the rules of their use.

How to open a cleaning company

As noted earlier in this article, a professional cleaning is gaining popularity today.So you can try to get into this business and open his own cleaning company.No special permission is required.All you need - is:

  • to rent an office and warehouse equipment.And the room is not necessarily at the center, as a meeting with clients will still take place on their territory.
  • procure professional equipment and cleaning products.From the equipment will depend on the quality of your services, so the choice of the manufacturer must be taken seriously.For starters, you can not buy all the machinery, and a few of its species and to provide an incomplete range of services.Over time, you can buy everything you need.
  • recruit staff.Special difficulties are not usually occurs because the provision of cleaning services do not require any special knowledge.It is enough to educate people safety rules when working with the equipment and cleaning agents.Needless to say that they have to be responsible and honest, because of their attitude to work depends on the reputation of your company.
  • advertise your company by all means available - handing out flyers, talking about himself through the local media, explaining that such a cleaning and what advantages it has over the standard cleaning and so on. D.

In conclusion, I would like to note that inEurope and America harvesting 90% of all commercial and industrial areas are engaged in professional cleaning companies.In our country, this figure is less than 10%.Although this service is gaining in popularity, many people still question what the cleaning, can not give a definite answer.But once using the services of professionals, it is unlikely anyone would want to go back to the old methods of cleaning their territories.