What is procrastination, and how to fight it?

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You know, there is a type of people who have never and do not have time.And I do not have time not because of his workload and lack of time and due to the fact that constantly distracted by all sorts of irrelevant detail.

Of course, this can be attributed to the sheer laziness.After all, we are all humans and we all take the opportunity to avoid responsibility, if such a case is submitted.Even workaholics prone to laziness, but on the contrary - they are too lazy not to work.And if shirking work is not a habit, but an exception to the rules, this behavior is quite normal.All done on time, the project has suffered, all the participants are satisfied.But there are situations when a person can not perform the tasks assigned to it in time simply because of the fact that he can not bring himself to act.

Such people are fully aware of the danger of his behavior and quite capable to calculate the negative effects of such an act.Yet they are before the deadline will be distracted by games or watching movies, partying with friends and going to the movies.After all, these people are not just lazy, they are unhappy owners of the syndrome of "doing nothing" - the syndrome of procrastination.

official procrastination syndrome analysis was conducted only in 1992, Noah Milgram.And although the official psychology drew attention to the pandemic procrastination recently, he was interested in the illness of outstanding representatives of human civilization since time immemorial.The earliest mention of the syndrome found in the works of the Greek poet Hesiod, which is already in 800 BCI alluded to "put off until tomorrow."Also, I do not beat their attention the problem and the great Roman orator Cicero, who complained in his writings to defeat procrastination many Roman senators and people from the upper classes.This is most clearly felt by doing nothing, and described in a short story by Edgar Allan Poe sulfur "demon of contradiction."

All observers procrastination syndrome, since Hesiod and ancient Indian priests, continuing studiozusy Oxford University in medieval England and ending above Noah Milgram, the immediate cause of the disease is called fear to take a proactive stance.

Based on this assumption, the scientists believe the catalyst of the disease three behavioral factors of the human mind, namely, anxiety, self-restraint and rebellion.Let's consider each of the factors more closely and try to understand how to deal with them.

People who are often exposed to the influence of stress or poor control their emotions, are often prone to procrastination.These people are constantly worried about their future.And if the country still unstable economic or political situation, then such individuals sleepless nights with a mass of unpleasant thoughts in my head just provided.A person subject to the influence of stress, not sure of a positive result of their activities, so it is subconsciously trying to delay the end of the work.

most difficult moment in this form of procrastination is that the longer a person delays in time, the more problems and cases had accumulated.Because of the growing like a snowball amount of unfinished business, a person falls into despair, but instead of solving problems even more closed in itself.This vicious circle can not break any threats or demands of the employer nor the pleas of relatives.There may require expert help of a psychologist, as well as the possible use of drugs, although a light stage of procrastination may be enough banal valerian tincture.

If you see that the behavior of a person close to you is similar to the above symptoms, do not force it.On the contrary, any way you can pep morally supported.If time does not see a man procrastination syndrome and help him, the victim of the syndrome in the final stages of the disease can lose everything in this life and commit suicide in a state of severe psychosis.

second category of people who are often victims of procrastination, it prudes.Basically, by virtue of education and disadvantaged materially childhood such people find themselves unable to achieve positive results.Modest, the so-called "small little people" consider it their destiny minimum wage, rest on the sea once in five years and "Full House" on the TV after a hard day.But it turns out that these people in their lives generally are satisfied?This is so, but until such time as the person having modest and has no ambition, the will of fate does not fall on the promising work.

In this case, in the first few months everything is going very well.A man working at a normal pace and enjoys new perspectives.But the passage of time (3-6 months is usually enough) the new employee starts to postpone the case until later.This results in total idleness throughout the working week, and sleepless nights over the weekend, when a person is trying to do in an emergency rate of weekly workload.This behavior is caused by a subconscious fear of success and achievement of goals.This may sound strange, but many talented people are simply afraid to be successful and stand out from the crowd.After all, they think that success and big money go hand in hand with loneliness and crime.So insecure people can help regular psychological counseling or attending various trainings for self-development.It is also recommended more successful communication with people or visiting coach training.

most probably hopeless category of people who are susceptible to procrastination, people are rebellious.These are the personalities who never nothing to please.They always go frowning and blame all their problems of life all around, not only myself.Such people can not accept its current position in society and at work.But rather than make an effort to improve their situation, they find a lot of reasons, by which argue the impossibility of change in their lives.They can say, for example, that the world is ruled by aliens, head of one of them, so it's best not to try to find a common language with him and get a salary increase.Like, we do not change, for that is the fate.For these individuals there is no way to deal with procrastination.It can only help the existence of a very strict boss, which will ensure that the rebels have not played in a scarf or disappeared in the smoking room day and night.Partially can help compliance with key provisions taymmenedzhmenta.

After reading this article, it may seem that procrastination is not so terrible illness.It would have been, if not the magnitude of the problem.Procrastination has become a very real psychological pandemic that causes great economic losses worldwide.Particularly susceptible to the syndrome of "golden youth" of relatively affluent countries, where people are accustomed to peace and comfort.Mankind into force of the chosen path of development has forgotten that we are still remaining animals.We are not made for comfort, and for knowledge of the world and struggle.And when mankind will forget about his mission, we were completely overwhelmed by a wave of apathy.Procrastination - the first sign of the ninth wave of indifference that could soon cover the entire world.

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