Larisa Kopenkina: biography, photo.

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unequal marriage always resonates in society.UNION celebrities dual interest of citizens.Who is Larisa Kopenkina?Biography her until recently was unknown to anyone.Today, her name is surrounded by an aura of scandal.What happened in this life, at first glance, an ordinary woman?She married Prokhor Chaliapin, the man who still pretends to be a descendant of the famous opera singer Feodor Chaliapin.As to this story is the public?What do they say about a couple of relatives of the newlyweds?How is life today spouses?Let's try to answer these questions.

Who is Larisa Kopenkina?

Until recently, nothing was known about this already middle-aged woman with a neat hair and blue eyes.And now the talk in the press about some Kopenkina Larissa.Who is she?What does?Why suddenly fell on her popularity?It turns out that she became known after her marriage to a famous singer Prokhor Chaliapin.It would seem that unusual?Marriage with a star we have not such a bizarre thing.The problem is that the chosen Larissa only 30 years.He is young, handsome and talented.What attracted the famous singer in the woman who is good in his mother?Is it a real love or a hard calculation?Let's try to find out.

businesswomen Larisa Kopenkina: biography

our heroine was born in Moscow on September 13, 1962.On it is known that the woman had been married several times.Her first marriage was crowned with the birth of his son George.Now the young people involved in the organization of collective activities.Larisa Kopenkina itself, whose biography is replete with facts ups and downs, is now a wealthy lady.His multimillion state she hammered together on trade in real estate.As the owner of real estate company, Larissa made a lot of deals with well-known artists.Her interest in the life of local "celebrity" may have contributed to the development of relations with the young budding singer.

Extravagant bride

And what about him is Prokhor Chaliapin, who declared to the world the love of an older woman?He says that for him it does not matter who the Kopenkina Larissa, is doing it, how much money from her.The main thing, according to the young artist, it is their love, and ambitious plans for the future together.At the time, Prokhorov took part in many music competitions.He became known after the release of the television show "Star Factory-6".Prokhorov was a finalist of the program.There he was seen in the scandal, using his nickname.As we know, his real name - Zakharenkov.The young actor, appearing on television, said that is a descendant of the famous opera singer Feodor Chaliapin.He took his name and then have acted under it.Prokhorov again shocked the public for his outrageous antics.His extraordinariness could not be noticed by the press.We know that he was already married to a woman aged.This happened when the novice actor just turned 18 years old.In addition, the young hunk had a relationship with seventy Svetlana Svetlichnaya.It seems that his desire to shock the public takes precedence over common sense.Then he had a relationship with model and singer Adelina Sharipova.But they lasted long.And in the past year, Prokhorov scored again, so much so that shocked everyone around.His love affair with a middle-aged businesswoman, and then the wedding made a lot of noise in the press.The magazine "7 Days" included this spectacular event of the ten biggest scandals of celebrities in 2013.

Larisa Kopenkina: wedding with Prokhor Chaliapin

As happened acquaintance of these people?As their relationship grew into love and marriage?Meet Larisa and Prochorus held in Jamaica during the holidays.The actor says that from him it was love at first sight.The novel takes place rapidly, continued in Moscow.And December 3, 2013 at the registry office Kutuzovsky capital were formalized their relationship.A witness from the groom was Alibasov Bari, from the bride - TV presenter and writer Lena Lenina.At the ceremony, the newlyweds were all white.In Larissa was a long elegant dress with a plunging neckline.But Prokhorov donned for the occasion a snow-white suit.For women, this is the fourth marriage in life (although all sources contain different information on the subject).However, it is quite confusing, as the age of her lover.The gift for your loved Kopenkina presented apartment in Moscow, which is valued at 18 million rubles.However, to accept this gift in no hurry to Prokhorov.Waived, he hopes to persuade her stepson Yuri believe in his love for his mother.

Dreams of a joint child

What is missing to be completely happy couples?Of course, the joint child.Larisa Age does not allow to give birth to offspring.However, recently the pair said that in the near future they are going to use the services of a surrogate mother.Newly wife says her young husband that she would bear him a child.It is only necessary intervention of a doctor to help her get pregnant.

Larissa son of his stepfather

whole community is buzzing like a beehive.All the talk about an unequal marriage between the singer and businesswoman.I wonder how the relatives of the pair belong to their decision to join the knot?We know that the son of Larissa Kopenkina speaks strongly against such a relationship.He did not believe in the sincerity Prochorus, considering him a gigolo and Alfonso.Yuri said that the young handsome attracted millions of his elderly mother, and not to her liking.He was confident that soon will leave the singer Larissa, and the tears of the poor woman will have to wipe it to him, her only son.On my mother's wedding he came in a black turtleneck, saying that the day of mourning for him.How does the father Yuri to the chosen one of his ex-wife?The man said that he approved of the choice of the mother and the son wants her to be happy."Larissa - adult woman, and she is free to make decisions in their lives," - says ex-husband.

-law relationship

But Mom Prokhor Chaliapin - Helena - spoke strongly about the choice of his son.She did not agree with his decision to legalize the relationship with the older woman.Only Prokhorov does not want to listen to her mother's advice.He says all that is hopelessly in love, and marry Larissa made him the happiest man on earth.Helena blames his newfound daughter-all sins.She says that Larissa Kopenkina, biography which speaks of carelessness ladies bewitch her son."This adult aunt uses a poor boy for their own purposes," - she says.A woman complains that do not wait for grandchildren.Discussions lovers that perhaps in the family will soon be baby mama led Prokhorov shock.

Plastic surgery in life businesswoman

What did not make a woman to keep her man.For the love of the fair sex risk to health and life.This statement is doubly true when it comes to unequal marriage between a young man and a woman twice his age.Prokhorov says everyone around that for him there is no one more beautiful than Larissa Kopenkina."Age does not spoil it," - says the hunk.However, the newly formed wife realizes that perhaps her husband will soon pull on mouth-watering and young girls.It should overshadow all that her husband did not notice anyone.What can help a woman restore youth?Of course, plastic surgery.The couple turned to the well-known Moscow specialist nut Babayan to help.First Larissa wanted to limit ourselves to the so-called "beauty shots".However, the surgeon convinced her that really good results can be achieved only if the use of plastic.In the clinic, the woman made the following operations: blepharoplasty and circular face lift.How successful were these procedures, the audience can appreciate in the near future.After businesswoman loves to spread their photos to the network.Now Larisa thinking about how to do a breast lift and liposuction.

Psychics an extraordinary pair

wonder how long will happily married Prokhor Chaliapin and Larissa Kopenkina?Biography of both one and the other is replete with outrageous facts.We know that Larissa this is not the first official marriage.In addition, she had a husband and civilians.As you can see, the woman never suffered from loneliness.And Prochor already had a relationship with women much older than him.The answer is, how durable their union can give, perhaps, only psychics.Expert magic Marina Zenkovskaya claims that Larisa has charmed his young boyfriend.And now, says the psychic, a middle-aged woman fueled energy of her husband.Indeed, in recent years can be seen as Larissa just glows with happiness.All joint photo of the couple talk about it.But the winner of the "Battle of psychics," Alexander Litvin sure that the marriage of the couple will be durable, because it is built on the basis of the calculation.Young artists need money, and an elderly businesswoman - a young and energetic man.

We tried to find out who is Larisa Kopenkina.Photos, biography, people's opinions about it - everything can be found in this article.