How to cook fried chicken legs: a few simple recipes

Chicken - the hottest and most popular product in Russia.Its main advantages: affordable price, high nutritional value and low caloric content.Also in its composition it contains a rich vitamin complex, which is very important nowadays.Added during the preparation of the meat in a variety of spices and seasonings can give a dish a unique taste.

Though considered a dietary product, and it should be remembered that the fried chicken legs with different sauces much calories and fat.For example, 100 grams of fried chicken contains 197 calories, so while dieting is not recommended to use it.Almost 90% of meat consists of proteins (protein), which is the building material for the cells of our body.Also, it has a indispensable for our muscles, bones and teeth phosphorus.

Features cooking

Fried chicken legs obtained tender and juicy if cooked in the oven.To make the spice and flavor you can savor meat curry, oregano, basil, mint, thyme, marjoram and other herbs.The basic rule when frying chicken - do not give it burn on.Hardly appear crisp, immediately remove from heat.

Cooking fried chicken legs in a pan

Serves 4 require the following set of products: four large legs, spices (turmeric, curry), a little salt, garlic, black pepper and oil.

sure to wash before cooking the meat, remove the skin, as it contains a lot of fat.Processed ham sprinkle with salt, pepper, garlic and generously coated with seasonings.On high heat fry the chicken on both sides until golden brown, then cover with a lid, diminish fire and tormented for half an hour.Fried chicken legs are perfectly combined with boiled potatoes in their skins, rice and buckwheat.

For better digestion apply to meat and fresh vegetables, salads, pickles and herbs.A simple recipe with a minimum structure of products like everything.Chicken very quickly prepared and does not require special culinary talents.Beef can be replaced thighs or wings.

Fragrant fried chicken legs: photos, recipe

Ingredients: chicken (500 g) tomato paste (50 g), mayonnaise (20 g), black pepper, sea salt, ground coriander, cardamom, basil, rosemary, garlic (taken spices to taste);Sleeve for baking.

peel, boil until cooked chicken legs in salted water.While the meat cooks, make the sauce.Mix tomato paste with mayonnaise and seasonings.Boiled chicken liberally daubed prepared sauce and lightly fry in a pan.

products are then put in a special sleeve for baking, add a little water and bake in the oven ship for 20 minutes.How to prepare your sleeve make the dish very tender, juicy and melt in your mouth.

The above recipes are surprisingly simple, so you can cook the meat for the holiday, and on weekdays.Fried chicken legs in any case, will turn extraordinary.Often cooks chicken smeared with honey, in this case, the meat acquires a beautiful caramel color and a pleasant sweet taste.