How to cook pasta "Carbonare" at home

Pasta "Carbonara" is one of the most famous and popular Italian cuisine.There is an opinion that it is necessary to use proper cooking strictly certain ingredients, among which should be the pancetta and Parmigiano Reggiano.This chef can only be an ethnic Italian, since only he can convey the real taste of this dish.In the present embodiment, a special paste "Carbonara".Recipe (home cook) involves the use of simple ingredients and not specific products.This pancetta can replace conventional Dried bacon with salt and spices, and instead use a simple high-end cheese Parmesan.

ingredients for dishes "Pasta" Carbonara "with bacon" homemade required:

- Spaghetti - 250g;

- high fat cream - 100ml;

- bacon - 150g;

- garlic - 1 clove;

- egg - 1 pc .;

- olive oil;

- Parmesan cheese - 25g;


initially need to cut the bacon into cubes or medium-sized cubes.Then fry it in olive oil and then adding chopped garlic.A few minutes later we topped up with cream, salt and pepper.Simmer the sauce until thickened necessary, but not more than ten minutes.


It is worth noting that the paste "Carbonare" should have the same temperature of the main components.Therefore, spaghetti sauce, and we should be ready at the same time.In this ready paste typically served in state "al dente" (this means that in the middle of the pasta present slightly hard core).To do this, take the water at a rate of 1250 ml, pour it into a pan and add some salt lightly.Once the water is boiling, put the pasta in it that literally cook 3 minutes.


Paste "Carbonare" does not require the use of Drain or colander.She just got out of the water with special tongs and spread on a plate in the form of a small nest.Top pour prepared sauce, which is trying to place all the pasta.Next, sprinkle the dish with grated cheese, and in its center spread raw egg yolk.This cheese and egg must melt and "boil" in the hot pasta.


Paste "Carbonare" can be prepared with the use of other technology.It involves mixing pasta sauce, and then adding cheese.In this form it is laid out on a plate, and the top is decorated with poached egg.Also, the dish can be decorated with a small sprig of greenery.

supply and storage

Paste "Carbonare" is only served hot and as a main dish.For it is good red wine or fruit juice.It should be noted that no such thing as the shelf life of the finished dishes in Italian cuisine does not exist.According to professional chefs bring to the table everything must only under the knife, and only in rare cases, when the recipe involves mixing sauces herbal, allowed large temporary reprieve before serving.That is why Italian food is always fresh and prepared with only the high-quality products.