How to open a business without initial capital - practical advice for a successful start

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words "business" and "business" are always associated with money.Including the money that you need to invest in order to start a business.The head usually revolve astronomical sums, complex financial combinations, but in reality it is often much simpler, and start a business in the modern world can be, literally, without a penny.So, how to open a business without start-up capital?

must start with a simple question: "What is the product or service you want to sell, and who needs it?"In the literal sense - someone in a particular city (perhaps a particular area), the expected product is needed and in what quantities?Let's say you have not yet decided how to open a business without start-up capital, and think your potential customers - a particular population of the village between the ages of 18 to 60 years.It is a common misconception, as the target audience is necessary to determine more specifically.That is necessary to clearly define, are you going to sell products or services to students, housewives or, for example, to pensioners.

As a rule, further developments are as follows.There is a slight chance that your product is alleged no one sells, and, most likely because it is not in demand, but not because you had just been invented.A more likely option - the goods or service are already selling, and you may well analyze where, by whom and at what price the similar product sold.That is, before you open a business without start-up capital, you can see how it is advisable to engage in the selected direction in this competitive environment.

Assume that this risk is still justified.But how to open a business without start-up capital?Even in order to sell the intellectual foundation necessary technical means, that is, we need some minimal entry fee, not to mention the larger events.Thus, we are up against the need to find sources of financing, which may act as:

  1. funds withdrawn from the deposit or the proceeds from the sale of anything.
  2. bank lending.In any financial institution can provide you with a loan for business development, but only if you have specific numbers prove that it worthwhile.
  3. co-investors.If the alleged scale of the business do not allow it to start alone can attract additional investors.Accordingly, in the case of the successful implementation of the project also have to share the profits established in the equity ratio.

As you can see, open the case without an initial capital - a difficult task, but doable.A major incentive for the acquisition will achieve the goal of financial independence.After all, agree to open a business from scratch, even in the first few months, it will eat up all my free time and money, much better than a lifetime expect another wage thoughts on how best to spend it.