Lots of ways on how to make the decree

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Almost all young mothers interested in the question of how to make the decree.If you are lucky, and this problem is acute not in your family, you will still benefit from reading this article.Perhaps you will discover a new realm for the development of his personality.Let's start to consider the most popular and sought after "Mama" of the profession.

Internet to help

Someone once said that the Internet - a lot of money lying around everywhere, just need to know how to collect them.The number of jobs that you can do remotely via the World Wide Web, is growing every day.Everyone will find here an event to the soul.Just look at the small list of how to make the decree:

- Copywriting for popular text exchanges.

- Freelance for their main profession.

- Blogging.

- Selling information products.

Perhaps many words from this list, you do not even know, but it's scary.Deal with everything very simple.For example, you can create a blog about how to make the decree.It was then, with everything you really understand.Earning on blogs can be different, this is a separate article.Infoproduktov - it can be said, the e-book or a master class on how to do something that you know better than others.Create it once, you sell it for quite a nominal fee.And as Internet use billions, this small amount can grow into a very tangible condition.

Learning business

Surely no one better than you versed in children's things, shopping via the internet and so on.Then the question of how to make the decree, will not be a problem for you.Just open an online store.It is simply a group on the social network through which you sell everything you no longer need that you bought at wholesale prices, which do you think is useful to other moms.There are many successful experiences, when women began to sell products for bathing, hair dressing for newborn children or costumes for the holidays.Such a narrow sector will not require you a large financial investment, but will always be in demand.So what to sell and sell again.

enjoy in dealing

If you - the master of all trades, then leave to care for a child will become your favorite time.And how to make money at home on maternity leave, you already know this article.Today it is fashionable to buy things by the hand of man, not of Chinese cars.Therefore, custom knitting and sewing, and even handmade notebooks are now in great demand.Normal children's toy, created by the hands master, turns into a valuable art object, the value of which sometimes exceeds the limit.However, to turn his hobby into a regular income is not easy.And self-promotion is necessary to be able to do.Here too, the Internet can help you.


There are many options of how to make mom in the decree.You can open a kindergarten at home, do massage or tutoring.The main thing in it - not money, but a unique opportunity for personal growth, as well as time to try something you've always wanted to do, but postponed it because they could not leave a stable job.Experiment and go for it.