Madonna swore live

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Saturday pop queen Madonna once again shocked the spectators.She used profanity on stage.

singer performed at a large concert in the park «Mote», Maidstone.The organizer of the show, which was attended by many musicians, was Radio1.

The concert was broadcast on radio and television.It was all cause-noble.

Suddenly, in between Madonna, apparently in order to "make" the audience shouted into the microphone: "Hey guys, it's time you start fucking ... Xia, because I want to feel the energy emanating from you love!Now I sing an old song.But not too old!To hell now!Let's live in the past! »

DJ Zane Lowe's Radio 1's was forced to apologize to listeners and viewers.

But, as it turns out, is not the only claim made by the Madonna.The British newspaper «Mirror» says its retinue of 70 people ate the food, all the participants of the concert were intended and included in the total cost estimate.

singer, moreover, was late for the performance, and although living only 60 kilometers from the park, has arrived on a private helicopter.

Jon Fratelli of Scottish band «The Fratellis» indignant: "What about the Madonna imagines himself !?I do all this is - we are here only to serve together.But what happened to rock and roll?Why does she performs here !?Organizers endlessly just did that adjust to her and her ridiculous entourage. "

In other news, Madonna has recently signed a contract with one hundred millionth Los Angeles-based promotional company «Live Nation».The company will continue to organize its tours, as well as the singer will release albums.A little later, the star has signed another agreement with another firm - on the sale of tickets and the complete package (including a flight on a plane, hotel and concert space) in place in the sectors of the first class and VIP.

Typically, such an operation carried out by intermediaries, not the actors.Yes, actually directly.

presented photos taken in the morning, on a day when the festival took place.They Madonna with her personal trainer leaves the gym.