Which stone suits Scorpios?

People in ancient times appreciated the natural beauty and rare gems.Since ancient times gemstones were used not only in jewelry, but also magical, astrological and healing rituals.Stones worn as talismans and amulets that protect the owner from harm, ward off evil spirits that protect from poisons, owner bestow health, love, success.

with many jewels linked superstition and mystical stories.And each of them has its own legend.For example, pearls - is mildew, tears of the goddess of love and turquoise were the bones of the dead from the high feelings of the people.

has long been considered the best gems conductors of energy, positive and negative.That is why astrologers from different countries made a calendar that describes the rocks that are suitable to different signs of the zodiac.As everybody knows, there are 12 glyphs, each of which is suitable for its gems.Today we know which stone suits Scorpios.

And what do we know about the scorpion?According to the myths of Greece, the goddess Artemis woke Scorpion for he killed the hunter Orion is proud that can hunt down and catch any animal.Small scorpion crept stealthily to the giant Orion and stung, poisoned by the venom.For the gods carried him to the starry sky and placed among the constellations.In addition, it is a scorpion frightened horses chariot Phaeton - they have gone astray, and Phaeton died.

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Different sources say, what stones should be worn, but opinions are contradictory sometimes esoteric - Stone Scorpio horoscope is difficult to determine.The most beneficial minerals for them - it alexandrite, apatite, jet, hematite, garnet, Corral, opal and topaz.And you need to wear a mix of 3-5 stones.Representatives of this sign love to wear blood-red stones - a talisman of Scorpio.For women Scorpions framing does not really matter, becausethey fit many metals.

Alexandria - about it can be said that it entered into a "green morning and bloody night."It helps develop spiritually, helping out when excessively stubborn Scorpios need diplomacy.It is believed that it can stop bleeding and treat diseases of the circulatory system.In Russia, it is considered a widow's stone.It should be worn together with several alexandrite, as alone it can cause harm to the owner.

Coral - a talisman of those who are not indifferent to the magic.Stone protect against accidents, will take from sin, prevent disease, strengthen sharpen intuition and memory.It helps muffle hatred, envy, anger, emotional stress - this mineral is the answer to the question about what kind of stone is suitable Scorpios.Women are advised to wear a white Corral and men - red.

Apatit, say, has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland and nervous system.It helps keep stress resistance.It is recommended to wear the rescuers, policemen, doctors.

According to legends, jet (black amber) eliminates nightmares and fears of children.His master rewards luck and courage.Black jet accumulates a fear and washes away the sadness.Which stone suits Scorpios introverted?Of course, the jet.

Hematite or Bloodstone, persistent approach and strong people, because it is able to accumulate the energy.He is wearing a set in silver.In the summer it is heated in the sun and in winter warms the body and gives off heat to the owner.

Pomegranate tends to purify the mind and soul, gives clarity of feelings and thoughts, helps concentration.Wearing garnet necklace assists in diseases of the head and throat.

If you are unsure which stone suits Scorpios for a gift, choose grenades, and of the ornaments - garnet bracelet.

Opal helps to uncover hidden talents, but you need to focus on one goal, and not sprayed.

Topaz enhances intuition.In the past century, women are prone to diseases of the throat, ordered suspension topaz.Stone may share with the owner of his strong energy and teach such qualities as integrity, generosity, honesty, that will not prevent the cunning zodiac sign.

Which stone suits Scorpios?Indeed, a difficult issue, especially when it comes to gifts, but often signs of the zodiac have nothing to do with personal preference, so it is best to ask a loved one, a gem, he would like to see for yourself.