As well as cooking sausages: tips

Wieners - a kind of skimpy raw sausages.Their main difference from the others in appearance.When a small length of sausages should be somewhat thicker than ordinary sausages.Interestingly, that in some of other countries, these similar meat products do not subdivide into several categories.Whatever the name, these delicious little sausages are loved by adults and children.Serve them for breakfast, lunch or dinner with various side dishes (mashed potatoes, pasta or crumbly porridge), you can be sure that the family is fed and happy.In principle, whether and how much to cook sausages?This issue usually occurs in novice mistresses.How not to digest the meal?Do I need to defrost them first?But first, a little about the history of the interesting names of the dishes.

¬ęSausage" and "sardines" - that common?

Oddly enough, but the name is short and plump delicious meat products was precisely from the name of this marine fish.The exact cause of now no one knows.But we know one thing about the XVIII century, the word "sausage" got into Russian from Polish.Most likely, the case in the external similarity of form and size, but not the taste, is not it?

FAQs in the cooking process

Perhaps some of the following problems you have long been familiar.Let us consider the most common, to find out for sure, how and how much to cook sausages:

- Do I need to pre-clean the skin or the products from the best to do it after cooking?

- Do I need to to defrost the product before by thermal treatment?

- How much should you cook sausages, so they do not burst?

- Does the end result is the quality of the product?

- How many minutes to cook sausages raw and frozen?

- In than the peculiarities of of different variants of thermal processing?

- How often can I use this product in the food?

Useful tips on how and how much to cook sausages

consider in order of the problems:

  1. shell products can be natural or artificial.In the first case, we can not pre-cleaned product, and do so in cooked form.If then this stage is difficult, which results in the removal, together with the "skin" portion of the meat mass, it is better to remove the shell before operation.Artificial film it is desirable to to shoot before cooking.
  2. frozen sausages to cook, you can immediately, without waiting for the thaw.It in any way will not be reflected on taste dishes.
  3. Any preparation is impossible to cook sausages over 12-15 minutes.Otherwise, you will get a burst in the product unattractive, "unfolded" form.
  4. The higher the content of natural ingredients in the product and, accordingly, a quality product, it would be better to look the finished dish.That is articles, in the composition of of which are many different additional components, can strongly boiled soft.
  5. Average cooking time - eight to ten minutes.Frozen cook a little longer.But time, as cooking sausages, depends largely on the quality of the product.
  6. Often sausages fried on a frying pan, grill or in the oven.The dish turns out tasty and fragrant.
  7. Wieners - is not entirely natural product, since it includes, if you read the label, a plurality of different additives as colorants, emulsifiers and other artificial fillers.So do not get carried away by them, including in the daily menu.Try to use sausages only in cases of emergency to prepare a quick meal.