How to guess at the relationship liked the guy?

When a person is not sure of the response feelings, it often tries to guess the attitude of a man who he likes.This kind of divination is very popular among the girls, and very often it becomes a favorite pastime for the company of friends.There are many ways and options.First of all, we will certainly remember Divination by daisy.Then - the cards, but it is not every one is able, because the need to learn by heart the values.

Today guessing at the relationship can be online.It offers several options will be presented to the predictions of the cards, and the usual tarot, runes, all kinds of oracles.Online predictions are good because they dropped the value of the objects displayed at once, you only need to interpret the results.But the real fortune-telling must still take place in reality, one can not communicate with the subtle world to replace the random number generator.

Of course, man can also speculate on a relationship with a girl he liked, though there is much less common.In this case, you just need to replace "his" to "her" in the text of the response and all.

Guessing "Heart»

to speculate on the relationship of man, you need to focus on its image and on your feelings for him.Take a piece of the cell, and with the hand that you usually do not write (for right-handers - left, and vice versa), draw a heart.Note Only whole cells that have come into the picture.Now cross out of 4 contiguous squares.As a result, in different places should remain between 0 and 6 cells.Values:

  • 0 - love;
  • 1 - respect;
  • 2 - wants to be friends;
  • 3 - he likes;
  • 4 - jealous;
  • 5 - his dream;
  • 6 - indifferent.

Oracle "Learn about feelings»

to speculate on the relationship, mentally ask the question, not peeping, poke your finger into the table on the screen and look for the answer under the appropriate figure.Keep guessing it on your computer if you want to use it ever again.

2 14 20 23 15
19 10 3 18 7
12 5 11 17 4
13 6 9 1 8
22 24 25 21 16
  1. Dislikes.
  2. treated well, but a romantic feeling with your hand does not know.
  3. You're wrong, you do not like him.
  4. will be a lot of suffering and obstacles to relations.
  5. Loves passionately and devotedly.
  6. are dating, gifts, flowers ... and tears.
  7. you will succeed if you persevere.
  8. you will be happy together.
  9. It - your destiny.With it you will be happy.
  10. Do not worry because of it, he will not steam.
  11. will be passionate and crazy love.
  12. likes, but the first step must be done to you.
  13. This person will bring a change in your life.
  14. Nobody will listen, all will be well.
  15. Someone wants to cheat you.Be on the lookout!
  16. dream come true.
  17. only sympathy.
  18. He loves another.
  19. First separation from them will help to understand the feelings.
  20. Do not be sad, soon you'll be happy with it.
  21. Do not expect anything good.
  22. only friendship.Maybe it all and leave?
  23. not spoil life for themselves and others.
  24. He will love and respect you if he will win.
  25. He secretly dreams about you.

Guessing "Three Coins»

Take three identical coins.Say the name of the person to guess at the relationship that you want.Flip a coin and see what parties they fell up.

  • Tails 1, 2 eagle.His love is capricious and changeable.It will not be easy to achieve.
  • two tails, one eagle.You will have a harmonious relationship, and you will understand each other.
  • eagle 3.You may have a dangerous rival, and seeking his attention, you can quarrel with friends.
  • 3 tails.It is reliable in all people, including those in love for you.

method of divination lot.Everyone chooses one that is to your liking.But we should not unconditionally trust fortunetelling, do not forget that we are building our own destiny.