How to celebrate Neptune in the camp?

Feast of Neptune, the ruler of the seas and oceans and is a favorite traditional holiday in modern health camps.The ability to spend more time in the water, swim, play and have fun pleases all children, even those who do not swim.The most important thing - to celebrate Neptune in the camp so everyone had fun, joyful and fervently.

Preparing for the holiday

In preparation fun, be aware that children should expect a surprise, so all you need to organize secretly.For a start will have to clean up the waterfront from driftwood, glass and other debris.Next you need to decorate the ship Neptune, which can be built from an ordinary boat or raft.To day of Neptune in the camp it was fun, on a makeshift boat, you can make a real throne.For the king himself certainly would have to sew a suit from the remnants of fabric, decorated it with grass or reeds, and make famous trident and crown.Of course, you should take care of the costumes for the Formation of sea lord: mermaids and pirates.You can also use the remnants of cloth, mud and reeds.

Neptune Day Scenario

in the camp that day all will need to gather on the beach.Under the provocative music children are waiting for the arrival of the main guests of the festival, the ruler of the seas and oceans - Neptune formidable.And painted on a boat approaching the shore lord of the seas with his retinue.Neptune down to the ground, tapping his trident, sighs and frowns, complaining of boredom.Mermaids offer to perform a dance, and in the end improves the mood of the king and the leading asks Neptune to organize a holiday, taking on the role of a judge.Lord reads the order and proposes to start the celebration.A further scenario includes a variety of fun contests and competitions, which involve children of all groups.

Game "Abraham»

fun taking part in the two teams.Children depart to conventional grades, which is one of the mermaids, and begin to swim.At the signal, both teams have to run out of water and quickly build on the beach.The winner on the day of Neptune in the camp is the team that will be able to build at the appointed place.

Game "Fisherman»

members go into the water, forming a circle.The center comes a pirate, in whose hands the ball mounted on a string.At a signal from the master begins to spin the ball over the heads of the players.The task team - to avoid the ball, plunged into the water.For every mistake a team is awarded a penalty point.Then welcome to the other players.The winner on the day of Neptune in the camp is the team that will work in this contest fewer points.

Game "Throwing grenades»

In this competition the teams invited to swim some water barrier, holding in one hand grenade.Setting the need to fulfill all the players of the team.The winner is the team that can bring the greatest amount of dry pomegranate.

Neptune Day in the children's camp ends with summarizing, awarding the winners of diplomas and memorable gifts.At the end the triumph of Neptune is leaving on his ship along with his entourage.