Military Technologies in Russia are becoming available to ordinary consumers.

Who uses military developments - is forearmed.So, stronger and more successful than others.
It is the only drug that is real and not for promotional pictures, restores friction surfaces!
In this case we will focus on the unique system to optimize friction (COT) AG, originally developed exclusively for the tank industry.Motor modern tank is experiencing tremendous overload, and even the magnificent oil is burning in it for a few minutes.
Therefore, based on the latest achievements of tribology (the science of friction) to set up special military needs.drugs can prolong engine life at times.
How often do you change the oil?The interval is typically from 4-5 to 10-12 thousand kilometers - depending on the type of engine and its host sloth.Additives, of course, filled less often, usually in mood or under the influence of advertising viewed ...
drug AG introduced by 200-250 thousand kilometers.It is much more than the average car mileage one owner.Feel the difference.
Physical and chemical substantiation

This effect AG surpasses any expectations.Due to the penetration into the crystal lattice of the metal to a depth of the subsurface and the further growth of the lattice, the system seeks to optimize friction restore part geometry to maximize profitability form.Because of this coefficient of friction is reduced by 18 times, and the surface rises to scoring 5 times - which leads to a manifold increase resource mechanism.The service life of the oil is also increased by 3-5 times.
AG chemical composition is extremely complex: it contains dozens of components, each of which performs brilliantly delivered his task - from polymers to block the destruction of intergranular chemical structures, and ending with rare earth metals platinum paladievoy Group, acts as a catalyst afterburner fuel.All this provides the overall desired effect.
Preparations AG you can restore the operating harakreristiki: internal combustion engines, power steering, fuel pump, manual transmission, automatic transmission, gears, bearings, constant velocity joints and other parts of the vehicle.And not only the vehicle.Wherever there is friction - from chainsaws to combat helicopter, you can several times to extend the life of components and assemblies.
COT AG may save even in extreme situations - for example, when the accidental loss of lubrication as a result of damage to oil system allows our product to operate without jamming equipment from 3 to 10 hours in normal mode of operation.Legal protection

Of course, such an effective technology to protect.Guarding the optimization of friction systems AG is more than 20 patents and more than 30 know-how.
system to optimize friction AG - is not additive.This is a radical solution to the problem of friction and output to a whole new level of useful life of moving parts.Particularly pleased that this was precisely the achievement of Russian science, which was able to survive in difficult conditions - just as the engines survive tanks on the march and in battle.