How to make a table-transformer with their hands?

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Have you been dreaming of a folding table?Can not find the right model?Do not despair.It is quite possible to make a table-transformer with their hands.

Benefits Transforming tables

The modern world is full of technical innovations.This includes not only electronics, but also the furniture.At the peak of popularity falls furniture-transformer.This is especially true of tables.They can be put in any room: living room, kitchen, dining room.Due to the compactness of the furniture you have a wonderful opportunity to save a lot of space.Besides, it can carry several functions.For example, today in high demand table bed convertible.The hands it can also be done.During the day you can sit for him all my friends and trapeznichat, but at night this table converts into a bed, on which you rest easy.Interesting, is not it?

particularly relevant tables transformers for a small kitchen.Their functionality depends on mechanisms which are the most important aspect of such furniture.

data tables often vary not only in size but also in the mission.So, for example, a small box that can serve as a chair, can easily turn into a festive dinner table.Now you can organize your meal and not worry that you will have nowhere to seat guests.

What is the secret mechanism Transforming tables

mechanism for the table-transformer is so simple that it can cope with even a child.It works with special embedded iron parts, which drive certain parts of your desk, thus making it a powerful and large.

Usually stores today offer a wide range of modern folding furniture.It is strong and everyone can please their durability.In addition, the furniture-transformer can please its wide choice of colors.Thus, you can pick out the shade that will suit to your interior.

The only drawback - the high cost.Not every average citizen of our country can afford to buy this element of the interior.But those who want to acquire it, offer to make a table-transformer with their hands.

How to make your own table-book materials and tools

before a convertible dining table with his hands, it is necessary to make all the right calculations and prepare drawings.There are certain parameters of the product: height - 75 cm, width - 80 cm, length countertops - 152 cm. Therefore, you will do just such a table size or slightly deviate from them, but it is necessary to make a start on these parameters.

foundations for such furniture should opt for moisture-proof chipboard, although nevlagostoyky also allowed.Fasteners in this case is 12 pieces butterfly loops of 4.5 cm.

To attach the countertop to the side of the table must be 4 corners.In addition, here also need 2 bracket delimiter.

Putting a table-book

The first thing you need to do - handle the saw cut with melamine edge.To do this, use a simple iron.The material that was unnecessary, remove with a sharp knife construction.

After that, begin the assembly legs.Pin loops using special screws advanced.Mechanism for Transforming tables ready.For aesthetic appearance Confirmates closing plugs.

Take the bottom edge, which should be below the section, and two side walls.Secure them so that the edge was 10 cm from the floor.This edge must be between the walls.Take the second bar, and seal it with the side portions parallel to the first.It should be about 40-45 cm from the floor.It is worth considering the time that the distance from the ends of the internal ribs to the side ends of the side walls should be about 3 cm less.Otherwise countertop wings will not fit tightly and loosely to the base section when folded.

After that attach to the sides parallel to the first, in the middle of the inner edges of the small, and then the two major parts of the sides of the table top.

Strengthen the legs and tighten up all the mechanisms.

One table-transformer, with his own hands made ready.

What is needed for a folding table for the kitchen

Transforming tables for the kitchen - the leader in space saving.It is ideal for small spaces, as its base attached to the wall.

In order to make such a round table convertible with your hands, you need to have on hand following its components: the carrier part 2 strut, shelves and rounded on one side worktop.

also prepare to start drawing with the size you want.For better to take material laminated particle board with a minimum thickness of 1.5 cm. But if you do not have this, it can be replaced with plywood or planed boards.In the latter case they must overwrite using fine sandpaper.In addition, this material require painting or coating.

Putting kitchen folding table

The base is attached to the wall hanging way.To do this, experts advise to use special anchors.And they themselves are going to part with screws and piano hinges.This process is less labor intensive than the previous one, but it still requires a lot of effort and attention.

Thus, the mechanism of the table-transformer, made with his own hands, in this case, signed only in securing the movable elements to the base, which is already tight to the wall.Once the ends are plastered edge, provide brackets rear surface and attach the shelf parallel to the upper part of the small table top and secure it with screws.Then follow the above instructions and continue to mount of the table one by one.

Choosing mechanism and design coffee table-transformer

Before making coffee table convertible with his hands, it is necessary to determine the functionality that fully depends on which mechanism for the table-transformer you choose.After its appearance (with a spring or gas lift) directly affects how will fold and unfold your table.

Experts recommended that you use a spring mechanism.It is less simple, easily mounted and operated.

second stage assembly folding furniture lies in its design.As a rule, there should be guided by the recommendations, which are bundled with the very mechanism.Draft coffee table may be different.The easiest option is the usual small table consisting of two halves of tabletops, which are further apart and inserted into the middle of another part of the countertop.Thus, the coffee table-transformer, the hands that can do almost anything grows in size.

Putting a folding coffee table

Once all items will be cut from chipboard, their ends must be pasted edge.After that, try on all the details.Make pencil markings.If your product is a dark color, it is recommended to use for these purposes sticker.In this case, conducted earlier mark is not erased, and will be clearly visible on the surface of chipboard any color.

Putting the table-transformer by hand, using a special drill to Confirmates.After assembling the base proceed with the consolidation of mechanisms.To do this in the right places through holes and the fastener with special bolts.