How is the treatment of demodex eyes?

Acne - a fairly common disease.Although ticks most often affect the skin, sometimes the disease spreads to the tissue as age, leading to eye irritation.So it looks like the treatment of demodex eyes?

demodekoz What is and what causes it?

As is known, the cause of such diseases are kind of Demodex mites.These micro-organisms - part of the natural microflora of the human body, they feed on dead cells.

Nevertheless, in some cases, the ability to live mites leads to the development of an allergic reaction and inflammation of tissues.Risk factors primarily include disorders of the immune system.Furthermore, demodekoz may occur as a result of uncontrolled use of certain hormonal ointments.

Demodex Eyes: photo and symptoms

Often mites applied to the eyelid skin and follicles of the eyelashes.This failure affects the state of the mucous membrane of the eye.For a start there is redness and slight swelling in the affected areas of the eyelids.As the breeding of pathogens appears significant itching - a man always want to rub your eyes, and scratches and microtrauma of the skin does not contribute to the healing process.

inflammation often accompanied by suppuration and the formation of crusts on the skin surface.In the morning, the patient is usually difficult to open my eyes because of the glued eyelashes.In addition, pathogens isolated in tissue toxins (products own excreta) that provoke different forms of allergic reactions.

example, demodicosis may be accompanied by redness of the mucous membrane, severe burning, itching and even pain in the eyes, allergic conjunctivitis, decreased vision, and so on. D.

Demodex Eye Treatment

If you have the above symptoms should immediatelyseek medical attention.Only a specialist can choose the effective treatment of demodex eyes.Of course, first have to conduct additional tests and tests that will help confirm the diagnosis and determine the severity of the disease.

Immediately it is worth noting that the treatment of demodex eyes - a long process.In some cases, treatment may go on for years.For starters, doctors prescribe special eye drops that help get rid of the redness and itching.It is also important to use antihistamines to suspend the development of an allergic reaction - are highly effective medicines "Tavegil" "Claritin", "Suprastin" and some others.This therapy helps to relieve swelling and eliminate discomfort.

Nevertheless, treatment of demodex eyes should include and procedures that slow down the processes of reproduction and development of mites.For this purpose, use the ointment "Demalon", which after application on the skin creates an airtight film, which has a negative effect on the causative agent.

Of course, it is important to observe good personal hygiene - regularly clean the skin from dust, dirt and sebum.The eyelids and the eye is useful to wipe the fresh broth calendula and chamomile - these herbs act as antiseptics, while removing inflammation.

As demodicosis is often the result of low immunity, the patient needs vitamins, immunomodulators, as well as proper diet, saturating the body with all necessary nutrients.