John Chrysostom

John Chrysostom was born in the middle of the 4th century a family of wealthy Christians.The boy's upbringing directly supervised by his mother Anfusa.In twenty years, becoming a widow, she refused to remarry and became involved only son.First, the formation of John was of a general nature and had a religious affiliation.Later, he received elocution lessons from Lebanon, then popular orator.John was an apt pupil and hit all his eloquence.After studying, he became a lawyer.Savor waged by then a young man, it is not delayed because of the religious field of study.After working for some time lawyer, John felt dissatisfaction.He quit his job and thought about adopting monasticism.His mother was able to dissuade him from such an act.Then John Chrysostom just changed the way of life, began to study the Scriptures and their own, and in the school under the direction of Flavian and Diadora.

Just at that time there was dissension between the Orthodox and Arians.John Chrysostom, with his piety and education attracted the attention of the Orthodox.They asked him to take a high rank of bishop.John considered himself unworthy to hold such a post and refused.At the same time he wrote a treatise on how to be priests, even made him famous.After the rejection of the bishopric John Chrysostom lived in a monastery near Antioch and lived there for 4 years.There he continued to write, this time about monasticism.At 34, John devoted a deacon.Occupying this position, he continued to write.Basically it was a review of the New and the Old Testament Book of Judges, the Pentateuch, Joshua and others.

Five years later St. John Chrysostom was ordained presbyter.Since then, he begins to actively preach.The main church of Antioch mass of people flocked to hear the speech of the new priesthood.Written over the years Chrysostom the interpretation of a number of books of Scripture, including most of the letters of St. Paul, as well as numerous interviews.And he took the post as much - 32 years.All his works are exegetical character.

When in 398 in Constantinople died Archbishop, Emperor Arkady wanted to see in this post Chrysostom.The first, which began with the saint - is the fight with the help of sermons with a low level of morality among the local clergy.

taking care of his flock, he shortened the duration of the liturgy, which later became known as the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.He walked many concessions in order to spread Christianity among the Gentiles.So, he has allowed the Goths to lead worship in their native language, and even get a priest.Also, John Chrysostom sent missionaries to other countries, including the territory of modern Russia.Naturally, such a flurry of activity is not liking of many church people.It is strictly exacted from the clergy of the libertine behavior, blamed the high society too idle life.It joined the enemy and those bishops who were jealous of the popularity of Chrysostom and want to be in his place, and the Empress Eudoxia, who took rebuke at his own expense.

Once Constantinople was four monks complaining of Theophilus, Patriarch of Alexandria, who accused them of Origenism.Chrysostom their support, for which he was accused of the same heresy.Theophilus of his supporters gathered Cathedral, where they decided to depose John Chrysostom.Decree was signed and Emperor Arkady supported by the Empress Eudoxia.Soon after the decision was illegal, John returned to his post, but the machinations of the enemies were not over.

New Cathedral led by Akaki Seviriana and forbade him to preach in Constantinople.He was sent to Armenia, but even there he did not cease to serve God.Then they decided to carry Chrysostom in the most distant and remote corner of the empire on the Black Sea coast.John died on the way to this place in the year 407.His power in the year 438 were buried in Constantinople.