How to cook eggs in smyatku?

Sometimes we perform some operations in the kitchen, not even thinking about right action.Thus, many boiled egg is not a certain amount of time, but simply by eye.At the same time the desired result is not always obtained.After all, even a simple egg can be cooked in different ways, and each consumer has their own preferences.Therefore, we shall understand in this, seemingly simple, question and tell you how to boil eggs in smyatku.

General rules

Any process of cooking the eggs, regardless of the desired end result must be based on some general rules.Firstly, it is desirable to thoroughly wash before cooking the product.Container for cooking taking to volume, which depends on the number of eggs.They do not have to fight each other or the walls of the cookware.It will spoil the appearance and taste of hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs.This product does not like sudden temperature changes that may lead to cracking.Therefore, do not put cold eggs into boiling water.To the shell is not cracked, it is necessary to pierce the blunt end of the egg with a needle.There is an air chamber and a way to preserve the integrity of the shell.Cook boiled eggs or some other way better than in salt water.The fire should be moderate, so that the water was boiling, but not bubbling.In order to better and more accurately pinpoint the cooking time, use a timer which will notify the end of the process.

Eggs in smyatku

There are several ways to prepare: boiled, boiled in a bag.The difference is in readiness.Eggs in a semi-liquid state smyatku suggest yolks and whites.Boil them is not difficult, but even this simple fact has its own tricks.The required capacity of the water and pour give it to boil.Beforehand we obtain eggs from the refrigerator, so they warmed up a little.Then gently put them in boiling water with a spoon.Water should be enough to cover the eggs by 1-2 centimeters.Cook them for one minute.Then remove the pan aside and cover with a lid.Eggs in smyatku will be ready exactly 6 minutes.We get them from the pan and cool.

second option

To prepare take the required number of eggs (recipe for 4 pieces), a pot of water, a spoonful of vinegar, salt and pepper.In a saucepan pour the water, so that it then covered the eggs.We put it on the fire and heated.The temperature should reach about 180 degrees.If you have a special thermometer, you can check.Then lay the eggs and cook for 6 minutes.You can add salt to the water, which contributes to the rapid clotting protein.Then pull out the finished eggs and cool.

Beautiful supply

beautifully serves the table is as important as the right to cook.How to cook an egg in smyatku already described, now let's talk about how to apply it.We boiled egg cut off the top and put on a plate.To this dish is perfect hot browned toast.Boiled eggs well with pate and caviar.They can be put together on a plate.Eating eggs for breakfast has beneficial effects on health.Only, of course, all must know when to stop.Breakfast should consist of several products that will give the required charge of vivacity and energy.