Astrological pregnancy calendar: 8th, 9th and 10th months

eighth month of pregnancy is held under the auspices of the Uranus.At this time, it received the central nervous and cardiovascular systems.Freedom, passion for new discoveries and journeys may occur in your child.In this month awakens "third eye" - clairvoyance and cosmic consciousness.

Often, this month you can take possession of wanderlust, all new knowledge - meeting new friends, for example.Therefore, do not overdo it, that it does not impact on the child and not to depart on a long distance, since the term of pregnancy is already considerable.This month, a woman suffering from insomnia.The child begins the formation of the astral shell - its sensuous sphere, and it gets its protective cover from space.

ninth month passes under the influence of Neptune.Now you always want to cry, offense, clapping and capricious.You think that no one understands you, and do not like.Keep yourself in their hands and do not fall under the power of bad thoughts.Be courageous and gather.In this month laid the greatest love of all living things on Earth, all the common view of the world.Imagine - all about what you think - is embodied.Be the creator of your world - make it beautiful.Instil your child clean and majestic thought of the cosmos, its order and harmony.Only now, you are given the opportunity to make your child a genius or wise soulless cripple.Take advantage of this chance.

tenth month is often very short.It is marked by the influence of Pluto.This planet is "responsible" for the amount of energy and effort in man.This month, we get the opportunity to influence others.Now parents need to listen carefully to the child, take him as a person dependent on his parents, but having a fully formed life of the program, according to which it will go.Mother is entirely focused on their feelings, and the baby is preparing to overcome the turn associated with the birth, entrance into the world and establish themselves there.

Ten lunar months you nurtured her child.All this time you were the creator of his own happiness, sometimes without even realizing it.Now this extraordinary and wonderful period came to a climax.Meet!

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