Button html: the use, production

Beginners site creators (not those who use ready-made solutions, namely those who want to create their own sites) study html, but does not always succeed the first time to understand all the nuances of creating a site with your own hands.

button html to the site menu style design

Links - the only thing that can allow the transition from one page to another, but a simple reference - it is a complete lack of design models, so you need to look for options on how to refine the link and giveher beautiful look.

site html buttons have two functions: first, they provide an opportunity to go to a given page, and secondly, have a design that fits and is in harmony with the overall style of the page.

button, in essence is the same link, but has a nice view and, if required, or shape-changing colors when you click or hover over it.

How to make a button in html

make a button in two ways: by yourself or using the services to create buttons.

The first method allows you to learn and understand the essence of the whole work, and the second - just to get a result, but also limited in scope.

button html for a site - is not so much hard work to establish, as a laborious recovery button.The word "revival" is meant to make it clickable, guidance or change when you press, which you need to use CSS or JavaScript.

button with the image

simple button looks like html links and images created by inserting a tag 'a' (links) in the tag img (image).

This example, in fact, is just a picture-link, but can be of any type and fits perfectly into the design, but this button html can not "work", that is to change the view of the different situations.

To Button had a custom look and could change depending on the situation, it should change its original form, and add CSS.

buttons for a site with CSS

CSS - it's a different programming language, which is responsible only for the styles called Cascading Style Sheets.

code buttons for website html will look like:

  • & lt; "a" h "r" e "f =" There should be the address of the web page "class =" "& gt;

Warning ! Whenusing examples remove the icon "to get a and href.

This example - a simple link that will be converted into the desired style using CSS, where class specifies the name of the class in the css, that the code has been applied to this element is on the page.

  • .topbutton {/ * Class button * /
  • width: 111px;/ * - The width of the button 111 pixels * /
  • border: 1px solid # 000;/ * - Frame button 1 pixel, solid and black * /
  • background: #red;/ * - Fill button - red * /
  • text-align: left;/ * - Alignment of the text on the button on the left edge * /
  • padding: 10px;/ * - The offsets from outside elements on the page * /
  • color: #fff;/ * - The color of the text, in this case white * /
  • font-family: verdana;/ * - The font of the text (you can open and choose Word) * /
  • font-size: 8px;/ * - The size of the text on the button * /
  • border-radius: 3px;/ * - Rounding corners of a button * /
  • }

Note ./ * comment * / - so that in your CSS code you can leave comments.

Surely even the most novice coder understood the meaning of this example, but it is worth saying that it uses a small code that allows you to make the most simple button, and the use of styles to hover or active links should be used more tags and options.

more complex button for a site

buttons on the site can be used not only CSS for their appearance, also used other programming languages, allowing to make a qualitative button html sites, such as JavaScript, which is more powerful and can realize more interesting ideas for the site.

only difference between the programming languages ​​- a complexity in implementation, and if JavaScript - more potent, respectively, and it takes more time to study.

addition to the simple task of redirecting users to other addresses site html button performs a more serious job, which is to send data from the form into which the user enters the data, eg registration.

Button code html to this case is:

  • & lt; "input" type = "botton" name = "name of the button for php" value = "text that appears on the button" & gt;

Warning !When using examples delete "to receive input.

Implement button of this kind is very simple, and the example shows the working button that perform sending the data entered in the form.

  • Type - determines that the item is a button.
  • Name- is the element that makes the key unique.
  • Value - is displayed on the button.

The problem is not how to make a button html, and to realize the processing of the data that sent the user, which requires knowledge ofmore complex, but one of the most powerful programming language. PHP allows for these sites and, for example, some ready CMS written on it.

buttons, written for the form, as well as conventional, can be converted into the desired form,but their purpose is of great importance and bears more responsibility.

Besides the manual method for creating the buttons, there are various services that automatically can create different buttons and adjust them to your taste, but this method has significant disadvantage - for the use of these buttonsYou have to learn html.

Learning html will need to understand where the button is installed site - menu, which displays the block content or footer (the bottom of the site) site.