Financial results of the commercial bank scheme

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In a highly dynamic environment of the modern economy's banking sector is one of the fastest growing, and efficient management of financial results - a major factor in this growth.Modern commercial banks carry out about 200 types of services - products and operations.Such a wide range of activities of banks implies serious scientific approach to the study of banking.But before we explore various aspects of the activity of banks, it is necessary to dwell on such an important question considering how governance model of the bank, without a clear and consistent functioning of which is impossible to exercise the function of financial management and productive banking.This well-oiled mechanism of interaction between the governing bodies, management, and employees of various departments, competent organization of financial management in the enterprise, which is a specific form of commercial bank, is the starting point of his success.Their correct construction is of great importance for the entire period of the existence of a bank and provides efficient management of financial results.

As a rule, the general management of the ongoing work of the bank's Executive Board.Its responsibility includes overseeing such things as:

- accounting, reporting, internal control;

- the results of the commercial operation and management of the assets;

- the overall management of financial results;

- control over the implementation of internal and external regulations;

- approval of audit materials, reports, audits;

- review and approval of annual reports of various financial projects, and other acts.

- recruitment, training, placement and certification of personnel and others.

To be effective, the bank must correctly identify functional positions of all employees, as well as their relationships within the bank.Every bank employee must clearly know their place in the functional management system of the bank, it appears that management expects from him what his duties and powers, how to build a service relationship.

is implemented by the schematic construction of the management structure of the bank with a system of internal relationships to supplement the provisions, regulations and duties.During its construction should take into account that the standard organization charts does not exist, since each commercial bank of its unique, so the circuit is only the general outlines of the model of organization of bank management, and so it should be easy to understand and not to act as a theoretical standard.Usually, when there are difficulties in making organizational chart identifies defects in the organization, that is, there is the fact that over time, its structure may be inefficient and cumbersome.In preparing the scheme of the bank, it must be carefully analyzed, it will find enough units controlled banking process by identifying lines of interdependencies and relationships within the bank.

Like most models from schematic constructions there are positive and negative sides.The scheme allows employees to understand the bank's ongoing change in the bank, it can be used as a template for possible future restructuring in the future, to ensure the best management of the financial results.

Among the disadvantages of using schematic constructions are the following.Diagram of the structure of the bank is rapidly becoming obsolete.Also in the circuit it is quite difficult to reflect informal relationships.Schemes inflexible and shows only stable and formal channels of interaction.As mentioned above, a schematic construction of administrative links with the bank should be supplemented by various kinds of instructions, and this can cause serious problems in ensuring effective document management and handling of the bank as a whole.

Typically, the organizational model of the bank based on the principle of functional subordination, because most of them are universal, and they are characterized by precisely this organizational structure.

Due to the fact that any model under consideration has its pros and cons, when its construction is necessary that the work of bank employees was rationally organized, the effective exercise of control functions.The creation of such organizational structure is strategic task of bank management.