Financial Risk Management.

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Entrepreneurship has a main goal - to maximize revenues while incurring the minimum cost of capital, and always in a competition.But to realize this goal, it is necessary to match the size of investments with financial performance.

should always be prepared for the fact that the carrying out any economic activity, there is always a risk (risk) of loss, and their volume is usually due to the specifics of a particular type of business.So the risk is the probability of loss, loss of profit shortfalls or planned revenues.

financial manager considers the risk probability of an unfavorable outcome.Therefore, the company should be a system of financial risk management.The risk may occur or not.In any case, the result will be or losing, loss, damage, or zero result is received, or will it be profit, gain, gain.Experts believe that the risk is not in the business can not succeed.Therefore, financial risk management is of particular importance.

Financial Risk Management - is to use all possible measures to a greater or lesser degree to predict the onset risk situation and immediately take steps to ensure that the lower the risk.Effectively there is financial risk management is often determined by their classification.This is a risk-sharing into separate groups according to various criteria.The classification, which is scientifically proved, can improve performance and make management of financial risk management more efficient.

on possible outcome risks are divided into speculative and clean.Clean - is the ability to receive a zero or negative.These include environmental, natural and natural, transportation, political, and some commercial (commercial, industrial, property).Speculative risks are the same opportunity to receive not only negative but also positive.

causes of the financial risks are inflationary factors.In addition, if rising interest rates or bank reduced the value of securities, it can also lead to financial risks.They are divided into two groups: some of them are connected with the purchasing power of money, while others - from the investment.The first group - is deflationary and inflationary risks, liquidity risk, foreign currency risk.The second group - the risk for loss of profits, direct financial losses and reduce profitability.

In order to effectively manage financial risk, you must be able to correctly assess their value and the degree of manifestation.The degree of risk is the probability that there will come a case of loss.The risk is acceptable, that is, there is a threat of almost total loss of revenue due to implementation of the project, which was planned.Critical risk - a risk that can lead to more and Failure to revenue, and losses will be covered by a specific employer.Catastrophic risk threatens the loss of property, capital and bankruptcy in general.Evaluation of financial risks - not an easy task, it requires a lot of knowledge and experience.

Financial Risk Management - a mechanism consisting of a special strategy and various methods of financial management.His ultimate goal - getting the most profit with the eligibility requirements for the entrepreneur optimal ratio of risk and return.The object of the management of financial risks - risks a variety of risk capital investments, as well as all economic relations of economic entities during the implementation of the risk.The subject of management - a special group of people (Insurance Specialist, Financial Manager, akvizitor and others).They use different methods and techniques to influence the control object.