Another parade of planets December 21, 2012.

How many of humanity, so many outstanding minds and try to anticipate the inevitable and terrible events that are bound to occur in the near future.From time to time called the next date of the Apocalypse begins interpretation inevitable in every way, literally, in his own way ... So, I expect a "doomsday" in 2000 and has repeatedly prophesied like this, and with an enviable constancy.At present, the media are discussing widely predicted Mayan "end of earthly existence."Ostensibly parade of planets, will occur on 21 December 2012, will be the final event of the vital functions of the existing civilization - are disappointing prospects of all life on the planet in one version.

However, there were some encouraging forecasts.Firstly, we found cave paintings that have been transcribed and stated that they are a continuation of the Mayan calendar.And, indeed, not the fact that the Indians simply do not run out of paint or at the time they were busy with more pressing matters.Second, on the conclusion of NASA, Parade of planets scheduled for this date and does canceled ...

In addition, monitoring of scientists at the end of each two decades, the planets line up, you can say in one line, with a difference of five degrees.But, nevertheless, there are no disasters on the Earth in the same period were observed.It happened in 2010 (August 6-7), when Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Earth, Mars and Venus formed a large parade of planets.Our blue planet is between Saturn, Mars and Venus on one side and Uranus and Jupiter - with another.God spared - not shaken terra firma under our feet.Most notably last parade of planets is a rare phenomenon, when the planets line up along the main line of the equinoxes on the celestial sphere.

Some scholars suggest that the winter solstice in 2012 (21.12) will be significant not only in that the planet belonging to our solar system (Jupiter, Earth, Mars and Saturn) form a parade of planets, but that one line ofthe center of the galaxy and form a planet belonging to another star system.But the most important condition, which is essential for the formation of this phenomenon, there is no - astronomers deny the fact that at this time, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will be aligned with the Earth and the sun.And, most importantly, the light will be only on the background of the center of our galaxy, not in the center of it, and it usually happens every year roughly about the date of the winter solstice.

So what are waiting for the date 21.12.2012 year will be held and whether the parade of planets at the time?It turns out that so much attention to the humanity due to anticipated events does not only parade of planets, and the related phenomena of cosmic scale.Thus, it is expected that our solar system at this time must overcome the conventional Galactic axis, or the so-called galactic equator.And not only.Earth's axis is completed around the turn of the next conditional geometric center of our planet.But that's not all.At about this period is expected to eclipse the Moon - the peak of the solar eclipse.And on top of another event - the eclipse of the Sun by Venus.With regard to all these opinions are extremely opposed to another because all this will take place for the first time in the history of mankind.Some scientists argue that we stand on the threshold of very serious challenges, others claim that these events will not affect the fate of the men, except that emotional outburst of joy.

by astronomical research data, the age of our planet corresponds to approximately five to five and a half billion years.It is also true that for such a huge amount of time tens of thousands of times observed such cosmic events, as small, large and full parade of planets, however, judging by the observed us such phenomena, no unstable rotations around the orbit, destruction, disasters and catastrophes farnot observed.We can only hope that's okay with our beautiful Earth will not happen this time.