Danny Trejo (Danny Trejo) - biography, filmography and best movies with the actor

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Life - is a wonderful thing, full of surprises, at times pushing into the abyss, and sometimes ascending to the podium.The clearest example of this - Danny Trejo, whose biography seems incredible.This man, thanks to a happy occasion, could radically change their fate and of the lower classes of society to rise to the shining heights.

Homeland actor

Danny Trejo was born on May 16 in a beautiful spring day.It was 1944, somewhere in the distant Europe was bombed, shot and killed, but in Los Angeles, the home of the little Danny, was quiet.It seemed a bloody war has not touched this paradise.However, there was a visible prosperity.During these years in Los Angeles, there are many laws that restrict the rights of Latinos.They were forbidden to live in a decent area, they did not take a good job, and where taken, paid a pittance.In addition, the city was operating a lot of gangs, drug trafficking and prostitution flourished, and armed raids and robberies were common.It was in this atmosphere grew Danny Trejo Jr..

difficult childhood

Father of the actor, Dan Trejo Sr. - an American with Mexican roots.To feed his family, he was forced to spend days toil on construction sites.Danny's mother, Alice Rivera, a Spaniard by birth, and for days worked.Danny was left to himself.His upbringing was engaged in street.Savvy, agile and quick boy repeatedly involved in fights, commit petty thefts and raids on shops in a group such as he, the street boys.Police repeatedly attracted him to justice, but seriously not penalized because of the young age.On the outskirts of the city in a simple trailer lived the younger brother of his father, unemployed, roadway does not hold.When Danny Trejo was 9 years old, he gave his nephew to smoke pot.In the 12th he gave him cocaine, and then offered to do profitable business - the drug trade.For this young Trejo and he went to prison.

Crazy young

Los Angeles streets Danny learned a lot.There he got his first boxing lessons, learned to box.Boxing he liked.Iron Fist remarkable strength allowed him many times emerging victorious in battles.Danny Trejo in his youth even dreamed seriously pursue a career as a boxer, but life was different.In 1963, for robbery and drugs, he was arrested and sentenced to two years the court sent to prison Tracy.Danny hoped to soon be released, but his prison life lasted for long 11 years.Trejo could not be a model prisoner.Behind bars, he often fought, tried several times to escape.During this period he added and moved to other prisons.For 11 years he has been in Soledad, Falsome, Sierra, Vakanville and many others.But Trejo did not waste time and used every spare moment to improve his boxing skills, good in American prisons have gyms.

first step to fame

in America for the purpose of educational work among prisoners held sports.Trejo participated in boxing and became a champion of Pennsylvania, and at once lightweight and middleweight.His fame as a great boxer, quickly sold out of prison.The inmates began to respect and even fear the Trejo.Danny, whose growth is only 1 meter 69 centimeters and could kayo any.But prison, lifting it on a pedestal, do not get rid of drug addiction, because locks, guards and prison walls are not an insurmountable obstacle to the drug.Once, during an Indian festival with fellow inmates Danny drunk and obkurilis.Not with a fight started.Police rushed to restore order, and someone ran to one of them in the head stone.Throughout charged three and put him almost 4 months in solitary confinement.There's Danny already decided to engage with addiction.Later it became for him one more step to stardom.

happy twist of fate

To finally get rid of the drugs, the future actor Danny Trejo has agreed to join the program "12 steps", one of the activities which are meeting members of the group, their stories about developments in drug-free life and help others.Coming out of prison, Trejo did not know how to do it.Its capital is zero, skills, except boksirovaniya, he had no good looks did not shine.It is not known how his life would have developed if one of the group meetings of Narcotics Anonymous is not it met with a former cellmate Eddie Bunker.He learned boxing champion and soon called him to help an acquaintance to resist the temptation narcotic.Eddie Bunker at that time became a respected man, a writer, not just in conjunction with the Andrei Konchalovsky worked on the movie "Runaway Train."

first role

arrived as requested Bunker in Hollywood, Trejo went to the set, where just filmed the prison scene.Seeing the "prisoners" with the wrong tattoos and never smelled of prison life, Danny amused.The guy who had to be rescued from drugs, invited him to play a prisoner, after inquiring at Danny, he will pull this role.It amused Trejo more.It is easy to fit into the crowd, because it was necessary to represent himself.When he was given the orange robe, Danny started to change, but the director, hit his tattoos, invited him to play naked to the waist.Danny paid 15 dollars a day, and he was quite happy.But Eddie Bunker, remembering the great battles Trejo, invited him to become a consultant for the young actor, and also plays a prisoner who can not quite fight.Bunker promised entire salary of 320 dollars a day.Trejo gladly accepted.One of his training with Eric Roberts - was the name of the actor - saw Andrei Konchalovsky.Pumped consultant with a stern face of a typical mobster struck him.Konchalovsky has given a small role in his film boxer nobody knows Danny Trejo.Filmography future star began.

Irresistible career

film "Runaway Train" was released and began to beat all records.He even participated in the Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for "Oscar" for best male role of the first and the second plan.Although Danny Trejo appeared there only in the episode for the novice actor was showered with offers.The vast majority of these were the roles of villains.Danny refused.He believes that the role of the bad guys are just as important as the role of good, because it taught that evil is always punished.Played Trejo mostly in the episodes, and all his remarks were reduced to two words: "Urine bastards!" And so on. N. Gangster in "Lockdown", a poacher in the "Anaconda" Hector in "Marked for Death" Johnny 23 "Con Air, "Jump in" gambling "Kumar" Jaguar "Knives in" Desperate "Charlie the bartender in the blockbuster" From Dusk Till Dawn "- it's Danny Trejo.Filmography actor has about 270 movies, and of course, in a small article it is difficult to list them all.The actor had a chance to work with world stars such as Antonio Banderas, George Clooney, Mel Gibson, Steven Seagal, Lady Gaga, Nicolas Cage and others.Especially, he speaks warmly about Robert De Niro, with whom everything turns out especially easy.

main roles

In 2010, a list of movies with Danny Trejo became film "Machete".In it the actor played the lead role.Robert De Niro is also engaged in this film, to congratulate his partner, to which he offered to bring a star coffee.This much he is, Danny Trejo, despite his fame remains a simple man of the people.Danny sincerely believes that a star can be considered only to the public.And for yourself you need to be just a man."Machete" by Robert Rodriguez removed, second cousin Danny.The famous relatives often invited him to his paintings, but not only in the family but also for the wonderful actor and human qualities severe cousin.In 2013 came the continuation tape, called "Machete Kills".Danny has proved that it too tough for something more than a game of short episodes.Now he was invited to the main role more often.Moreover, Danny began to appear not only in the coolest action movies, which poured rivers of blood, but also in the comedies.With pleasure he took part in the Russian film "Messenger of heaven."Russian Actors Hollywood star's liking.

Interesting facts from the life of stars

Danny Trejo, starring in more than two hundred paintings, he decided to try his hand as a producer.His first production work - the film "Factory pets", then the tape was "Night Hunter", "The law of Jack" and others.Danny takes an active part in the dubbing of cartoons for children.He himself had three children (according to some sources - from five different marriages).His personal life actor keeps a secret.We only know that he was married to Debbie Shreve and has divorced her.Danny loves dogs, having fun taking pictures and signing autographs.He willingly acts in schools and prisons, where talks, what drugs and what they can bring.A distinctive feature of this remarkable man is his willingness to appear in the paintings of the young, is of unknown filmmakers who are unable to offer a decent fee star.