Mark Dacascos (Mark Dacascos): biography and filmography of the actor (pictured)

At the time, Mark Dacascos was a true symbol of strength and courage, and his participation in the blockbuster film guaranteed popularity.But in addition to acting work, he is also well-known athlete, who already won a lot of prestigious awards.Today, fans are increasingly interested in biography and filmography of the actor.

Biography Mark Dacascos

Full name of the actor - Mark Alan Dacascos.He was born February 26, 1964 in Honolulu, Hawaii.His father, Joseph Albert Dacascos, better known as Al, was a teacher of martial arts.It should be noted that during his boxing career Dacascos Sr. managed to create his own style of Kung Fu, which combined elements of camp, boxing, karate, judo and traditional Western boxing.At the time, this style is very popular in Hawaii.E to the present day teaching this style in their own school, which is located in Portland.

That father was the first teacher of the boy, who was fond of martial arts from an early age.By the way, his mother Morikami McVeigh was a student of Al, so as to share their experience little boy.

When he was six years of his life, a new important woman he often called "second mother."Stepmother Malia Bernal among the top ten American soldiers and was the first in the ranking of women, professionally engaged in the martial arts.By the way, it was the first representative of the female sex, which fell on the cover of the edition "Black Belt".At Malia was the son of Greg, so Mark had to get used not only to the new environment, but also to new family members.By the way, the boys quickly became friends, and to this day consider each other best friends.

Sports career

Hardly a child Mark Dacascos thought about becoming an actor - his dream was winning sports awards and competitions.And the boy was moving purposefully toward his dream.

permanent employment at the school of his father and stepmother gave results - in nine years, he won first place in the international championship among juniors.At the same time, parents were invited to work in Germany, in order to share the experience of teaching.So Mark, along with stepbrother Greg hit the Habsburg.For several years he traveled almost all European countries and managed to take part in 200 competitions.

In 1980, he won first place in Hamburg championship in karate.In 1982 he won the European championship in kung fu and karate.In the same year he won first place in the Italian championships and Hamburg.

When Mark was 17, he went to Taiwan where for six months he studied the style of the legendary Shaolin monks.Upon returning to America some time man was a disciple Amen Santos, who has been teaching capoeira.

first career steps

Despite the active career, Mark Dacascos did not forget about education.In particular, the University of Portland, he studied drama and Chinese.And when the boy was 19 years old, he decided to participate in a university play.It was at this moment he fell in love with acting and decided to make a career in film.

His first work was a comedy called "Dim Sum: Easy heartbeat."But later Mark all frames have been cut and the screen it so no one saw.In 1989, he starred in an episode of the soap opera "Dr. Doogie Hauser."And in 1990, he played an inconspicuous role of the driver in the "City of Angels".

«American Samurai" - the first serious work

In 1992, actor Mark Dacascos first appeared on the big screen in the film "American Samurai."It was the first really serious work, where Mark played a negative character.He got the role of Kenjiro, Yakuza gang member who is considered to be the champion in the gladiatorial combat clandestine.

Although not too biased character, this role gave Mark the opportunity to showcase not only the acting skills, but also skills in martial arts.It is these qualities and made it so popular.

film "Only the Strong" and worldwide recognition

If you are interested in the best films of Mark Dacascos, you will, no doubt, is to see a picture of 1993 under the name "Only the strongest."Here, the actor played a capoeira master and a former soldier Louis Stevens, who returns after serving his hometown.And former school meets its armed kids and lawlessness.Luis offered to become a teacher of martial arts.Himself the protagonist strongly believes that physical exercise will help to cope with even the most problematic students.

It was this picture made world famous actor.Posters and photos of Mark Dacascos adorned the walls of the set of impressionable teenagers who wanted to become the same as the protagonist of the film.

filmography Mark Dacascos

After the resounding success of suggestions started rolling in on the actor, one after another.Indeed, in the 1990s, militants have been one of the most popular kinozhanrov and Mark had something to show on the screen.

In 1994, Mark Dacascos Filmography replenished adventure "Double Dragon", where he played Jimmy Lee, who along with his brother was hunting for a powerful talisman.In the same year, he starred in an episode of the popular series "Tales from the Crypt."

And in 1995, comes another action film titled "Crying Killer", where the actor played Yo Hinomura - assassin with pangs of conscience, who falls in love with his victim.In the same year there and the continuation of the famous story "Kickboxer 5: Retribution", where Mark played Matt's friend David Sloan, who is trying to take revenge for the murder.By the way, some of the scenes of fights put himself Dacascos.

In 1996, there are other movies starring Mark Dacascos.In particular, he starred in fi thriller called "The Island of Dr. Moreau."Next came the painting "Sabotage", "DNA", "Drive", "Boogie Boy", "Sanctuary" and the series "Chinese policeman."

series "The Crow: Stairway to Heaven»

In 1998, the screens out the Canadian TV series, which was filmed based on the comic of "The Raven."Here, Mark Dacascos played Eric Draven - a guitarist who, along with his girlfriend was killed by bandits on the night before Helloinom.But the main character returns from the dead to join his girlfriend in the afterlife, he must help a few people.

history of rock musician avenger became popular after the movie "The Crow" with Brandon Lee.And, as often said Mark Dacascos, he was just in love with the hero.By the way, the role of the actor was given a hard time, because he had not only to demonstrate fighting skills, but also to transform into a rock star and delight audiences virtuoso guitar playing.And, despite the fact that the show closed after the first season, he, no doubt, left a trace in the memory of fans of the actor.

New Movies with Mark Dacascos

In the early 21 th century interest diminished militants.However, the release of pictures, starring Mark Dacascos.Movies, however, slightly different genre.For example, he starred in the well-known historical picture called "Brotherhood of the Wolf" in 2001.Here he played Iroquois Mani, who helps hunt for the monster, known as Zhevodansky wolf.In the same year he appears in the action movie "killer instinct."

In 2005, the actor plays Šariš, in a Kazakh-French film "Nomad".In 2007 it appears on the screens in the crime comedy "Nicknamed Cleaner."In the same year, Mark gets the lead role in the film "I - a warrior."He also played in an episode of the series "Stargate Atlantis".

In 2008, the actor appears in the film "Middlmen."In 2009 he got the role of Peter in the film "Serbian Scars".In the same year he took part in the filming of the picture "Vulfsbeyn: The Wolfman."

Life actor

many fans are interested in the biography of Mark Dacascos, and in particular his love life.Many early interviews famous actor has repeatedly said that is not made for marriage and hardly ever take on such responsibility.However, in 1995, during the filming of the famous film "The Crying Killer", Mark met with Julie Condra.Between young people immediately appeared sympathy, which then grew into a deeper feeling.

Soon Dacascos and Julie were married.And in 2000, the couple came first born, who was named Charles Makoalani.Today, Mark - a loving and faithful husband and caring father of three wonderful children, because after Charlie followed his brother and sister Kapono Noelani.

By the way, the actor has two dogs.And a hobby thinks playing the guitar, which he began training during the filming of the series "The Raven."He also likes to play the drums.In addition to English, Mark is fluent in French and German, can converse in Mandarin.