Boris Nevzorov: biography, filmography and personal life of an actor (photos)

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great and mighty empire called the Soviet Union gave a start in life is a huge number of talented people.Many of them are great examples to follow.Works great masters still celebrate not only Russia, but also all the countries of the CIS.Bryullov, Mukhina, Blok, Mandelstam, Chagall, Ranevskaya and many other artists opened the world new creative facets of the soul of the Soviet man.

Glorifying country

cultural heritage left by the Maestro, is the pride of all the CIS countries.An outstanding artist, born in the USSR, and brilliantly glorifying Russian art has been for a quarter of a century, Boris Nevzorov.Film and theater actor, he achieved great success.He is known in his face.The audience loves the good characters in the performance of a talented master.Boris Nevzorov, whose filmography includes many paintings, famous for roles not only in cinema but also in numerous TV series.This article will talk about how ordinary Soviet boy became a favorite of the public and filmmakers.

Childhood Astrakhan boy

In the middle of the twentieth century, the eighteenth in January 1950, in the village Starominskaya, which is located in the Krasnodar region, was born Boris Nevzorov.Future artist biography begins in the family party worker.In connection with the activities of his father's family was forced to move to Astrakhan.It was there, among Bashtanov, stretching for hundreds of meters, planting tomatoes and fish abundance enjoying his barefoot childhood Boris Nevzorov.The actor at the time was little different from their peers.His interests revolve around the boys' games, pranks and swimming in the Volga.

¬ęPuss in Boots" as a turning point

Neither his relatives nor even close relatives had no relation to art.On the boy's desire to become a great artist influenced theater.At that time, students, workers and all citizens "under the order" sent to the theater, cinema, circus or a museum "culturally enlightened".Once the class, where he studied Boris Nevzorov got tickets to the theater of the young spectator.While the scene was staged places "Puss in Boots."This performance won the boy.He learned by heart all the parties.Together with friends Borya staged the play in the yard.They contrived semblance of theater: the stage, lights, spotlights and, of course, invited audience.Gradually, however, the passion began to fade, and the end of the school the boy had forgotten about once a great desire to become an artist.He decided to get more popular, by the standards of their parents, a specialty doctor.

Magic reincarnation

happening in the future in its narration may recall the story of the film.In just a few days before the examination pores Nevzorov Boris G. accidentally enters the Theatre for Young People, and by chance meets a chief director.At the request of a timid young man listen to his great maestro said yes.Small poetic passage by young men, his manner of reading and gestures so liked the director, that he immediately enrolled even yesterday's student in the auxiliary troupe.So that's quite miraculously with no special education of young people embodied in reality his childhood dream of the stage.Lack of professional theater artists Boris made it possible within a short period of time to play in the performances of fabulous animals, secondary characters and even Santa Claus.This role was the most important achievement of boys in Astrakhan Youth Theatre.

of the artists in the wipers and back

At the end of the first working season Eduard Merchants - the main director of theater - advised the young actor not to waste talent in the province and go to conquer the capital.Yielding to persuasion, the young man goes to Moscow and immediately goes to the first year of the Higher Theater School.Shchepkin.However, all the dreams of fun and beautiful life student-artist, who painted himself Nevzorov, turned to dust.It does not suit Moscow cruel reality.After three courses Boris leaves the school and finds a job as a janitor ....After a year and a half, "dusty" work of a young man decides to go back to art.Moscow Art Theater School was the institution hospitably opened its doors to new students who become Boris Nevzorov.Biography actor updated with new interesting events.

first successes

On the basis of the course, where he studied the young man, was organized by the New Theatre.It was there for the first time showed their skills a student from Astrakhan.The next place where the famous Nevzorov, became Theatre.Moscow City Council.This event took place in 1984.However, after two more years, the actor returned to his former place of work.Soon Nevzorov shone on the stage of Theatre.Stanislavsky.And after some time in the Maly Theatre audiences could enjoy the staging of Gogol's "The Government Inspector", which was a talented young man.He got the role of a judge with "speaking" name - Lyapkin-Tyapkin.Boris G. was involved in other productions: "The wedding, wedding, wedding," "Don Giovanni", "Wolves and Sheep" and others.Nevzorov admitted that in the theater, he managed to feel a real home atmosphere, and become part of a full theatrical family.

ups and downs

parallel with the work in the theater Boris G. build a career in movies.It should be noted that his road to popularity was quite thorny and long enough.Nevzorov could not find their role.That is why his star in the sky cinematography all never flared.

In 1978, screens out full-length films under the title "Can not say" Goodbye! "," Where Boris G. played a small role, and almost forgettable.The second appearance on screen was with the release of the grotesque paintings entitled "The Road."This movie was so useless that the actor who played him, not invited to the shooting no director.The world of cinema is actually very small.All the ups and downs taking place in front of the actor of the public.That is why one bad role can spoil the whole future of even the most talented actor.So it would happen with Nevzorov.For quite a long time he could not find a little bit typecast.

Thanks appearance

After some time Sergey Linkov - director of the Odessa film studio - was going to shoot a documentary-historical, tells the story of the hero Mikhail Frunze.On one of the roles in the film had to find the right actor.By coincidence, this artist became Nevzorov.The striking similarity with Marshal Blucher helped the young man get out of a failed pit.In 1978, on the television screens released a documentary film "Marshal revolution", in which "reborn" as an actor Boris Nevzorov.

It should be noted that his appearance does not just become a lever of influence on filmmakers.Thanks to Nevzorov got the role in the adaptation of the acclaimed book of James Reznik "Creation of armor."The name of the film - "Chief Designer."He got the role of the designer Mikhail Koshkin - the creator of the legendary T-34 tank.That was in 1980.In the year before the event, Nevzorov starred in three films: "The Day of Return", "Peace in three dimensions" and "particularly dangerous".

glory and love of the public

After successful role Koshkin designer Boris G. starred in the film adaptation of the first part of the Novels "Polesye chronicle" Ivan Melezh "People in the swamp."His co-star was Elena and Yury Borzov Kazyuchits.

As a rule, all of the roles played by Boris Nevzorov were noticeable and very successful.Many people remember the good and the good Soviet films with the participation of the actor: "You have to live," "That kind of music", "flood", "Order: cross the border", "Search and Destroy" and others.

However, the love and the glory of the All-Union Boris Georgievich brought the role of Ivan Ryabov from the movie "Young Russia".Released on TV screens in 1982, the painting created a furor among the population of the USSR.The director Ilya Gurin very believable managed to convey the story of the creation and formation of the Russian fleet at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.Boris Nevzorov still considers the role of a vaster most successful in all of his filmography.It is noteworthy that during the filming of the picture is very useful actor of his fascination with sailing.As a boy, he and his friends often went down the Volga river on makeshift boats.

long filmography

In 1986, together with the beautiful Lyudmila Zaitseva Nevzorov brilliantly played by Yuri Grigoriev and Renata in this tale about the war years, "says Moscow".In the same year in the film Gennady Vasilyev "Primary Russia" Boris G. appears in the now familiar role of a positive historical figure.Role of Vseslav, the leader of the Slavic tribes united to fight against the Khazars, the actor brought unprecedented fame.

filmography actor has more than forty feature films.Among them are feature films, and the film adaptation of the books, novels and documentaries.In many of them, the actor enjoyed some theatrical techniques.

From "simple truth" to one's own picture

Besides filming feature films, Boris Nevzorov is a member of more than thirty series.His 'soap' career began in 1999.It was then that the actor was invited to the role of the school director in the TV series "Simple Truth".As a rule, the actors of the Soviet quenching cautious and wary to various new trends of art.Most of the "adult" actors speak with disdain about the show, calling them low-grade raw materials and halturki.However, one of them does not apply Boris Nevzorov.He believes that you can not refuse to work when other opportunities to improve skills simply do not have.According to the actor, if you treat serious shooting in the series, you get a quality product.Similarly, in the cinema: if you try to fake, then the film will be bad.

During his artistic career Nevzorov starred on such series as "The Lady Homeless", all of the detective "Kamenskaya", "Dasha Vasilyeva," "Turkish March", "Healing love", "lover", and others.

talent Boris G. displayed also as a director.His first work was a crime film "The priest had a dog ...".In this film, starring Ina played Timofeev Igor Bochkin, Oleg Shklovsky and the maestro himself.

Three wife

first wife of Boris Nevzorov - Marina - he studied together with the actor in Schepkinskom school.Couple registered marriages as soon as the girl was eighteen.They had a son, Boris, who currently lives in the UK and, unfortunately, does not support the relationship with his father.The couple lived together for eleven years.Then came the divorce.

In 1982, actor Boris Nevzorov, personal life which at that time did not shine bright colors, meets his second wife - Anastasia Ivanova.She became his muse, his support, his sense of life.The couple had a daughter, Pauline.After a joyful event the actor's career went Vgoru: he starred in several successful projects, and made his debut as a director.Boris Nevzorov and Anastasia Ivanova lived together until 1993.After this happy life talented pair suffered a misfortune: an actor's wife died in a robbery.Hard experiencing loss, Nevzorov tried to start a new life.In this he was helped to his first love - Alla Panova.The actor met the woman in Sochi.Soon the couple to register their marriage.In 2010, Alla Panov and Boris Nevzorov divorced.Was initiated by the wife of the actor.