Concealer for face.

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Flawless skin tone - the perfect make-up base.But what if your skin is far from perfect?Brown spots, dark circles, redness and rashes usual tone or not powdered mask.In this case it is useful to have in your purse concealer for face (camouflage pencil) and a palette with color correctors.Both tools are designed to mask imperfections of the skin, but the principle of their use varies somewhat.Corrector corrects skin tone by neutralizing color visual effect.The green tint is designed to camouflage redness, yellow, blue tone hides.
Concealer Face has a dense texture, so the obvious defects of the skin it conceals much better than foundation.As a rule, the shade chosen concealer powder color or tonal resources, or a little lighter.

major cosmetic problem for most women, regardless of age, are the dark circles under the eyes.They give the face a tired and haggard appearance.If this had happened a few hundred years ago, this would have been considered a beautiful lady.After all, there were times when the pallor and the shadows under her eyes were considered a sign of a special spirituality.The girls drank vinegar, hiding from the sun and drew blue veins on the skin.But today the ideals of female attractiveness changed.In fashion healthy, radiant, youthful skin with even blush.Bags under the eyes to modern canons do not fit in any way.Therefore, this small defect ladies prefer to mask using cosmetics.But in order to achieve the desired effect and make the face more attractive, rested and fresh, it is important to know how to use cosmetics.

in the eye concealers should be used specifically for this purpose.Hue camouflage pencil is chosen depending on skin tone.If you do not want to be like the panda, give up too bright colors.Even if you are used to a very light tone with a pinkish tinge, concealer is best to choose a peach color.

Apply concealer can not only disguise, but also as a basis for shadows to make better behaved.

Apply concealer under the eyes should be with extreme caution, especially in the presence of fine lines and crow's feet.Too thick a layer of masking cream for this part of the face does not fit.All surplus will gather in folds of skin, only exacerbating the problem.

no need to smear concealer, so you stretch the delicate skin around the eyes.It is better to hammer it gently with your fingertips, and pat off the excess.

Many makeup artists recommend before applying concealer to use eye cream that does not dry the skin.But this question is better addressed individually.Believe me, nothing bad will happen if you do not.Much worse, if several layers superimposed on all the rules, "plaster" will begin to slide off the face of the worst possible moment.

usual concealer to camouflage dark circles and bags under the eyes is not suitable, but concealer can replace a face cream for age-tone effect.These products are now produced by many cosmetic companies.Note the product "Garnier", "Olay" or "Nivea".Of course, major problems will not hide such a product, but light shadows under the eyes or redness hide quite well.

suddenly jumped a pimple on your face is certainly not a universal tragedy, but before a business meeting or a romantic rendezvous such ornament on the face quite inappropriately.But here comes to the rescue of the little helper beautician.Special acne concealer containing salicylic acid not only disguise, but rashes and dry.But in order to disguise the redness before applying concealer seal the pimple very thin layer corrector greenish tint.

Freckles and pigment spots can be masked by using the dense dry concealer, applied under the tonal foundation or powder.You can recommend a concealer from "Oriflame" with the content of minerals.Please note that this product is used only for camouflage problem areas, but not for the entire face.

Today, manufacturers offer a huge selection of a variety of concealers.How to understand these tubes and jars, choose among them is that really necessary?

course, choose a concealer for face is necessary, depending on your skin type and in full compliance with the tasks for which it is intended.There are tools, so to speak, narrowly focused.For example, a concealer to camouflage pimples and rashes.For example, the product from the "Avon" comprises incorporating antibacterial agents such as tea tree oil and salicylic acid.

concealer to the eye has a light, airy structure and further cleans the eyelids.There are generic products with which you can hide age spots, freckles, spider veins.They have a firmer texture Such release means, usually in the form of a tube or stick with an applicator (e.g., Giordani Gold from Oriflame).

Masking pencils are available in any cosmetic line, from the French "Yves Saint Laurent" to the Russian "Art - make-up."Expensive does not mean the product is the best, most importantly, to concealer is right for you.