Matthew McConaughey (Matthew McConaughey) - biography, personal life and his films (photos)

offer today to get acquainted with one of the most famous Hollywood actors today - Matthew McConaughey.He is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including the "Oscar" and "Golden Globe" and sometimes serves as a director, screenwriter and producer.


Matthew McConaughey was born on November 4, 1969 in the American town Ulvad located on the territory of the State of Texas.The future famous actor was the youngest of three sons of his parents.His mother, Mary Kathleen worked as a teacher in a kindergarten, and later she became a writer.Dad - James Donald - owned gas stations.Family McConaughey is English, Scottish, Irish, German and Swedish roots.Interestingly, Matthew's parents divorced twice, and then combined legal marriage.Both brothers McConaughey after school began to work at a gas station father.Matthew also did not show a similar desire and left for a year on exchange to Australia, where he acquired a distinctive accent, which then for a long time could not get rid of.


Junior McConaughey always believed that he was destined to become a lawyer.In this connection, after finishing school in 1998 he entered the law faculty of the University of Texas.However, one of the last courses he came upon a book called "The best seller in the world," Madina Dra.She is so excited the young man that he was determined to do away with the law and to dedicate his life to cinema.

Matthew McConaughey: filmography, career start

Despite the desire to become an actor, studying at the University of the youth did not.However, he turned up a great success in the form of acquaintance with producer Don Phillips.He worked on the films "Dazed Confused" and invited Matthew to try yourself in one of the roles.McConaughey did not miss this opportunity to gladly accepted.As a result, he played a character named David Vuderson in the film, which was released in 1993.

Work McConaughey everyone happy, and he was invited to the role in the film "My boyfriend was raised."After a year on the big screens he released another film with his participation, entitled "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4".Despite the fact that this horror was very popular among the young, aspiring actor success he has brought.

Continued acting career

Matthew McConaughey, whose filmography includes dozens of today's most popular films, has achieved success not immediately.As already mentioned, he did not abandon his studies at the university.However, by the time it ends in the bank actor added a few more films, including "Boys on the Side," "Court" and "Angels in the Outfield."

long-awaited success

first starring role in a serious project, he received in 1996.It was the film "A Time to Kill," where partners young actor on the set were such Hollywood stars as Sandra Bullock, Kevin Spacey and Samuel L. Jackson.After the pattern in the rental Matthew McConaughey just got crowds of fans.Moreover, it drew the attention of eminent film directors and producers.Also, for his role in "A Time to Kill" actor won awards MTV Movie Awards.

It should be noted that the year 1996 was very fruitful for Matthew, because during this time, he participated in four films: "Star Sheriff", "blaze of glory," "Larger than life" and "Springscorpion ".This was followed by a role in the sci-fi movie "Contact", where his partner on the set was a charming Jodie Foster.After that, together with the actor Morgan Freeman and Anthony Hopkins, took part in the drafting of Steven Spielberg's "Amistad."

After each role is growing rapidly in popularity, Matthew McConaughey, actor filmography constantly updated with new pictures.In 1998, the screens went out just three films with his participation: "The Newton Boys," "Making Sandwiches" and "Rebel".This was followed by roles in such films as "Edtv", "The Wedding Planner" and "U-571".

on top of success

Actor Matthew McConaughey continues to gain popularity, winning the hearts of audiences.Thus, the huge success of 2003 was the comedy "How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days," in which the actor starred opposite Kate Hudson.Then the screens went out such films as "Sahara" (Penelope Cruz), "Paparazzi", "Journey to the Moon," "Two for the Money," "Failure to Launch" and "We - one team."

In 2008, Matthew starred in three films: "Fool's Gold", "Surfer" and "Tropic Thunder."Then, on the screens out the film "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" with McConaughey.

2011 and 2012 were also rich in the role for the now popular Hollywood actor.At that period of his work in such films as "The Lincoln Lawyer", "Killer Joe," "Bernie", "Magic Mike", "newsboy" and "Mud."

Career McConaughey today

In 2013, screens out two films with the participation of Matthew.This sensational "The Wolf of Wall Street", which also involved Leonardo DiCaprio, and "Dallas Buyers Club".For his work in the last film actor he was awarded the first of his life prestigious award "Oscar".

At the beginning of 2014 was presented to the audience the show with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson called "True Detective".This project is the HBO was so successful that it became the absolute leader in hits, surpassing even the sensational "Game of Thrones."In the same year he came to the big screen a science fiction film "Interstellar" director Christopher Nollana with McConaughey starring.


for quite a long time, Matthew had the glory of the womanizer.Of particularly known for his novels can distinguish short-lived relationship with Patricia Arquette, known for the television series "Medium" tied in 1994.After a couple of years during the filming of "A Time to Kill," he began courting her colleague Ashley Judd.Somewhat later, McConaughey was in a romantic relationship with Sandra Bullock, which lasted two years.

While working on the film "Sahara" Matthew, what is called, has his eye on a free at the moment Penelope Cruz.Their romance lasted also about two years, after which the couple parted.After that, the actor has a whole string of short-term relationships with women.

But one day, while in Los Angeles, Matthew went to one of the restaurants specializing in Cuban cuisine.At this time, it was held a banquet in honor of the Brazilian model Camila Alves origin.The actor did not fail to meet it, and very soon their relationship spilled over into a whirlwind romance.Eighteen months later the couple had a son, who was given the name of Levi.A few years later Camille gave Matthew and daughter - sight.After some more time Alves told the actor that is pregnant again.And then he made a proposal to his beloved.Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves were married in 2012 in Texas.The wedding was quite modest.Soon now the official wife of Matthew McConaughey gave birth to a second son, her husband, who was given the name of Livingston.

Interesting facts about the actor

McConaughey has his own production company, whose name stands for "Just keep on living."This phrase Matthew says his motto.By the way, the actor organized and charity fund of the same name, which seeks to help adolescents to choose their way of life.

Another interesting fact about McConaughey is that, in his words, he never uses any deodorant or cologne.