David Carradine (David Carradine): filmography, biography and personal life (photo)

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This man had the honor to lead the passion and their millions of other people.It is thanks to the passion for the East, with its ancient wisdom, especially in philosophy and medicine, David Carradine "infect" a hobby all over America and then the world.Unfortunately, a great actor and martial artist passed away, but left behind a huge legacy that dominates the minds of both young and older generations.We remember him as a talented actor, the great master of kung fu and very interesting, one might even say exotic person.

star is born man, who later became the idol of millions, was born on December 8, 1936 in Hollywood.His father was a famous actor John Carradine, on account of which about three hundred films, including paintings of silent films.The boy was given the name John Arthur, which is then replaced by David.Interestingly, his family had a rather exotic roots, including Ukrainian.He loved to talk about it in numerous interviews.

father left the family early, going after the acting troupe.He traveled to Europe and died in Milan, having said that this is the right place.But his talent to convey not only the eldest son, whom was David Carradine, but also three younger sons and even two granddaughters.

path to a movie

Born in the capital of world cinema obliged David to become an actor.However, he initially resisted fate: he studied music theory and composition, wrote music for theater revues.Still, the scene attracted him and forced to join the troupe called "Shakespeare's theater company."Then there was the army, after which David Carradine moved to New York.In the Big Apple, he played on Broadway, acted in commercials.The Hollywood boy returned home already an experienced actor.And he began to appear in the then popular westerns.

Triumph John Carradine Jr.

Movies David Carradine came out very often from the father he inherited a huge industry.We can not say that everything went smoothly.However, eight years of work, which had a changeable success, the actor did not disappoint.While a novice director Martin Scorsese began work on his first film - "Bertha nicknamed" Boxcar ".This tape, which appeared in 1972, was a triumph not only for the director, but also for the cast.In the same year he published another masterwork, which has turned into a star of David and a worldwide favorite of millions.The cult TV series "Kung Fu" was filmed in the years 1972-1975, and David Carradine played a major role in it.For participation in the filming, he began studying martial arts, and then they spent the rest of life.This role earned him another nomination and "Golden Globe" in 1974.Under the influence of a new hobby actor he studied philosophy and traditions of the mysterious continent, and then laid out all the accumulated knowledge in the book "The Spirit of Shaolin".

artistic heritage of the actor

Hundreds measured the number of roles that are played by David Carradine.Filmography actor might take more than one print sheet, but on a par with the Oscar-winning work and become second-rate role.Carried away more eastern philosophy, David does not pay attention to the quality and potential of film scripts, with an emphasis on his plot.This could ruin his career, if not all of the same great performance.That is why the heritage Carradine are such blockbusters as "Mean Streets," "The train rushes to fame", "The Serpent's Egg."

Along with the actor's work, David tried his hand as a director, but not very successfully.His best work is considered to be the drama "Americana", released in 1983.In this film, dedicated to the veterans of the Vietnam War, Carradine also acts in the title role.

Kung Fu life Carradine

After such a variety of film actor David Carradine returns to his favorite subject - to kung fu.It is in this line we remember this man of genius.He starred in the continuation of the cult TV series of the seventies "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues" and in the comedy "Bird on a wire."But the cycle of second-rate paintings again involved actor.Almost pulled him out of oblivion Quentin Tarantino, who saw him as a leader of a gang of hired killers in the action movie "Kill Bill".It is worth noting that David played brilliantly in the film, just a parody of himself.This work earned him another nomination for "Golden Globe".And then again back to square one, with his head plunged into the work.

«Kill Bill»

When multiple talents together to work together, the result should be stunning.And so it was with a unique film, "Kill Bill" cult director Quentin Tarantino.The genius of the cinema has created the script and took a picture of it is very entertaining and fascinating.The magic of the Asian continent and martial arts, shiny weapons and complexity of the plot are supplemented with carefully selected music and studio performances by the cast.On the way the main character coped brilliantly beautiful Uma Thurman, and villains who must be killed, beautifully played by Carradine, famous for his love for the martial arts of the East.Here David is like a fish in water: it is his genre, his style, his spirit.That's why even a negative character is so fond of the audience.Whether as Bill another actor, the film would have lost a lot.

Tai Chi with David Carradine

In 2004, the brilliant actor introduced the world to his new job - two unique set of exercises, based on the ancient martial art.This is the spirit of Tai Chi and Tai Chi to the body.The first exercise focused on concentration, relaxation and recovery, and the second - on the tone, vitality and energy.The duration of the disc tracks - sixty minutes.

What is Tai Chi?It is an ancient martial art of China, which is widely used as an effective improving gymnastics.It helps people find harmony of body, soul and mind.There is no static postures in yoga, the body is constantly in motion - slow, smooth, calm, heals.

Life Star militants

David Carradine, surely there is a photo in the collection of every fan of martial arts, was beautiful and strong person.A bright appearance added to the special world, fame and money.That's why it was a resounding success with women.The actor was married five times, he has two daughters (the first two marriages).

excellent physical actor - is the result of applying the principles of health East.In addition, it is also distinguished by excellent sexual form.However, each his wife noted that in bed he was very strange.Two of them went from David for this reason.Carradine liked to be tied up, sometimes could bind himself, had a passion for exhibitionism, sex in public places.It is these tendencies and brought him to the grave, though he could still live and live.

Deadly Bangkok

Seniors, and he was 72 years old, died, David Carradine.Cause of death - is another mystery left by fans.The hotel rooms in Bangkok, where they filmed another movie with the actor's body was found.The body was naked legend militants and wrapped ropes.Criminologists believed that the death was accidental actor self-strangulation during sex play.It was announced version and suicide, but people who talked with the actor before, refuted such talk, saying that David looked happy and joking.Intentional murder also excluded: no evidence was not there, and strangers in the room was not.

Hollywood funeral

funeral in Hollywood could be to a thousand people, as fans of the star was very much.But even in the last journey of the actor accompanied the exotic, in a special scenario.At the cemetery, let alone color cine capital - four hundred people who were personally acquainted with David.Security cordon missed only those who had a special invitation to the portrait of the late actor and recording of the program activities.

first was a concert lasting two hours, during which time there was music of different styles and trends.The sky was gloomy and sad, completely overcast.But they parted, giving way to the sun, colored red, just at the moment when the body of the deceased was interred.Carradine earthly journey ended with "Requiem Fallen Hero" by Beethoven, performed by the orchestra.And we'll remember it every time on the TV screen once his character, dressed in a beautiful kimono.