Astrological calendar of pregnancy: the 5th, 6th and 7th months

fifth month is marked by Jupiter - the planet of monarchs, rulers.You have gone half way.This month, you feel joy and happiness.Experiences behind.The body used to the new state, and you calm down.Appeasement has the effect of Jupiter.

this month set up the internal priorities in order.Determine your true values ​​and ideals.Arrange the kind of peace of the altar and take care of it from encroachment.All this is necessary for your child, because in this month the kid also formed his inner spiritual values, world view, related to the social order, respect for the state and religion.At this time, it formed the concept of "hierarchy".You need to not only build your altar of values, but also to respect the values ​​of others.

During this period his father acts "guiding star" for the child.After all, the father of the first to respond to his question: "What is my purpose?" And indicate the best way.Thus, the father will determine the value system of the child, the desire for truth and justice.Therefore, its role is given to the child at the highest point.So, in utero appears first and the foremost authority baby.

sixth month passes under the leadership of the women's Venus, symbolizes love.This month there is an explosion of the senses.Love yourself and others, love your baby, talk to him, love the whole world.Spend as much time as being in the nature.Inhale the fragrance.

This month the baby is formed by sensory and emotional areas laid love of beauty, the basics of good taste.During this period, the ratio begins to take shape for the future family, to work.Is in full swing laying the future constitution of the child, as well as relationships with the opposite sex.Future preferences of your baby, the tendency to one kind of creativity and the negation of the other, displayed talents of the child - all this influence of the planet Venus.

seventh month passes under the influence of the planet, "devouring their children" - the planet Saturn.This month is another critical period of pregnancy.He is dangerous possibility of premature birth.At this time, a woman needs to focus on themselves, go into your inner world.Try to imagine your life after giving birth, try to plan the future schedule, distribute responsibilities with her husband.Maximum prepare for the changes that are coming.This month, a woman begins to chase the fear of imminent childbirth.Read the necessary literature, learn as much as possible the details associated with this process.This will help to cope with fear.

This month the child begins to form the inner core - its essence - that would never let him get out of the way and the "break."Also formed the thought processes, the ability to judgment, to deliver, all strong-willed qualities of the person.This month, avoid feelings of loneliness and sadness.These negative experiences very negative impact on the development of the baby.In the seventh month of pregnancy, your baby stays most of the time in a state of sleep, and you also have a rest.Gaining strength and courage before the forthcoming birth.Saturn is just very favorable for this planet.

During this period, the mother and her yet unborn, baby begin to understand each other well.Some sensitive woman can even imagine the future of the man - his unique essence.

seven-month baby, was born before the due date, be sure to survive.Modern medicine today, "nursed" of such children.But parents should remember that these kids will require more attention and love to her all her life, as it had not received from the Cosmos.However, this does not mean that they are deprived of reason.

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