Sore nipples during feeding, what to do?

Every woman about to become a mother, looks forward to the time when it will be able to attach to the breast of its crumbs.However, this is not always the process is gentle and without any difficulties.Quite often mothers of newly sore nipples during feeding.The reasons for this may be different.This article will tell you why sore nipples during feeding and how it can be combated.


It's no secret that lactation is a completely natural process.Through breast milk baby receives the essential nutrients.Also, immunity crumbs in the first months after birth is very weak.My mother can feed the baby, and thus give it its immune defenses.

In the first days after the birth a woman can not have milk.At the same time it begins to stand out colostrum in small portions.Do not worry about what the kid did not have enough.Nature thought of everything.Within 2-4 days after birth milk begins to arrive.And then there are the first difficulties that manifested in the fact that women are strongly hurt the nipples when feeding.How to deal with this phenomenon?

Pay attention to the amount of milk

If sore nipples during feeding, it may be an indirect indication that the baby does not have enough power.Watch the crumbs during the sucking.Listen to his swallowing.Perhaps in your breast does not have milk?Because of this, the baby irritable, begins to suck harder, but the effect does not occur.

In this case, the only solution would be temporary lure.Apply baby to the breast as often as possible.Nipple stimulation would increase lactation.You can also try to drink special teas to increase the amount of milk.To this time the baby did not stay hungry, give him a small amount of adapted formula.

Teach your child the right to seize the chest

If you are sore nipples during breastfeeding, the reason for this could be poor attachment of the child.In the normal position pipsqueak must fully grasp the areola.His tongue is placed on the lower jaw, and may even extend beyond the mouth.Sponge baby should be relaxed, and turned out.

If pipsqueak clamps language and greatly straining the lips, such a seizure is incorrect.In this case, he gives her mother a lot of pain and simply flatten the nipple.Show your child the correct grip.Use your fingers to gently loosen the lips of his, and bring them into a relaxed state.The child will be more comfortable to eat in this position.Within a few days you will notice that the pain began to subside.

Use the pads on the chest

If you are sore nipples during feeding, then it could be because of their irregular shape.At the same breast in women often small.Flat or inverted nipples can be developed over time.However, in this case, you will need to be patient.

Out of this situation there is quite simple.Purchase a silicone pads on the chest.With their help, the baby will be fed and the mother discomfort during the process will disappear.

drugs used if necessary

often sore nipples during feeding due to infection.In most cases, it is a fungal infection.Thrush can be not only on the mother's nipples, and the baby in her mouth.This is not self-medicate.It is necessary to see a specialist for help and qualified designation.

The only thing you can do in this situation on their own - a process chest soda solution.However, before the next feeding should be carefully done to flush the composition.Otherwise, the baby will feel the bitter taste and completely abandons the natural supply.

Use healing ointment

Often women are sore nipples during breastfeeding in the first weeks after birth.At the same time we are not talking about any pathology.The child just learning to suck and several injures the delicate skin of the breast.

correction in this case is to use a healing ointment.Most of them require a subsequent rinsing with nipples before the next feeding.Means "Bepanten" is the best option.It does not need to wash, it is absolutely safe for the baby.The drug is quickly heals cracks and abrasions.Within a few days of regular use Mommy feels much better.

Do not take the child's breast during feeding

nipple pain during and after breast-feeding may occur due to the fact that the power of mommy takes breasts crumbs.This insatiable baby protests and attempts Desenka grasp the nipple.All this causes discomfort and pain to the woman.What do you do in this case?

options may be two.You need to give your child plenty of get drunk.When he was tired, he let pipsqueak your chest.If you urgently need to stop the process, then proceed in the following manner.Put your little finger between the baby's tongue and nipple.Toddler he immediately reveal her mouth and let your chest.

Stop (roll) breastfeeding

The latest way to get rid of pain in the nipples during lactation - is simply to roll breastfeeding.In this case, the baby will be fed milk formula from a bottle.It is worth noting that the majority of pediatricians and experienced specialists do not welcome this process.However, some moms still use it.

Remember that the best food for the baby - a mother's milk.The only way a baby can get all the nutrients and vitamins.No modern adapted formula is no substitute for the baby of breastfeeding.Continue-established doctors and lactation experts advise at least until the child is six months.Feed your baby correctly and as long as possible.If you have any difficulties or problems, please contact professionals to establish lactation and an experienced pediatrician.Easy and enjoyable process of breastfeeding!