How to cook fish on charcoal in foil

Some modern cooking dishes came to us from the distant past.They are usually prepared with a minimum amount of spices, but require special handling.For example, the fish on the coals suggests that it will be baked in nature, where there is access to the open fire.Also, for these purposes, you can use the barbecue and even lattice barbecue.If there are no such possibilities, use the conventional oven, but then the fish will not turn out so tasty, is not the appropriate flavor.

Purchase ingredients

deserves special attention and the choice of products.The fact that the fish on the coals, which are supposed to baking recipes in foil should be enough fat to provide themselves with the juice during the heat treatment and have no specific taste.It is also desirable that there was little bone.That is why it is best for baking fit mackerel and carp, but on a similar recipe you can cook any fish.


- mackerel - 2 pcs .;

- salt and pepper;

- seasoning for fish;

- half a lemon;

- mayonnaise - 150 grams.


First, you need to marinate the fish.If you cook it be in nature, this process can be done at home, so as not to waste time on vacation.Remember that the longer it is in the marinade, the tastier the dish will turn out.To fish in foil on the coals are well marinated and get the desired taste, it must be carefully cleaned.It should remove the inner black film, and in some cases and gills.Then it makes cross-cuts, the meat is well soaked.As used marinade seasoning for fish, which is mixed with mayonnaise, salt, pepper and the juice of half a lemon.With such spices fish in foil on the coals to get a nice smell and will not lose its own flavor due to excess spices.


marinated fish can be quite long, unless, of course, will stand in the refrigerator.The minimum period is 30 minutes soaking.Then, the main product must be prepared for baking.To fish in foil on the coals fry well, it must be wrapped pretty tight, preferably in multiple layers.Cooking it in two ways.The first requires a special grating, through which fish and roasted over the coals.The second method is designed so that the fire rake the ashes to put wrapped fish, and then it poured the coals.This does not kindle a fire and cook due to residual heat.Usually fish grilled in foil should bake for about thirty minutes, but if you overdo it a bit, nothing terrible will happen.The main thing that it was not crude.


baked fish consumed hot, but if you let it cool, then taste will change significantly.That is why many people prefer to eat this dish cold.This fish is served at the table right in the foil.It will serve as a kind of dish for meals, and the fact that mackerel was pulled from a fire in this form will only stimulate the appetite.